Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our day started with...

Dave pancakes, yum.

today was a little lazier than yesterday but somehow still busy??!!
The girls played together all day, mostly really well, Dave got to read his book, I baked some choc chip cookies, dusted here and there and had a general clean up around the place.
Tomorrow Dave is off to Melbourne, plane leaving at 6am, for 2 nights. Hopefully he could be back tomorrow night but we will see! So I have been putting off things so I can fill the days while he is away.
Today I did a page in my This Is Me journal, about pets
and this page of Elizabeth, used a pair of pants that was to be tossed out for the polka dot material (I just couldn't throw out polka dots!), the ribbon came from WHO KNOWS WHERE and was found in one of the girls rooms, some doodling and a sticker from Silvita's happy mail stickers.

Hope your week has started out well and thanks for visiting :)

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  1. no way could you throw out that polka dot fabric, looks gorgeous on your lo :)

  2. we had pancakes too! but from a fast food joint! *wink*

    ohh...you have Creative Little Artists brewing @ home! how cool :)

    love your pages Sharmaine!

  3. So glad you reused that fabric!! It's gorgeous!! Lovin' the little Mr. Potato head glasses!! LOL

    Great work!! Love your new avatar too! :)

  4. Sweet layouts. I really enjoy your post. I hope you don't get to lonely with Dave away. Awesome way to recycle!

  5. Love these layouts, especially your poka dot one - great title too. Loved looking back on your Easter photos also. Always love to visit your blog.

  6. Awww that 'bright side' LO is gorgeous!!! You never cease to amaze me. :)

  7. I have almost this exact photo of Magnus - except the glasses are green. Great LO!


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