Friday, April 18, 2008

2 down...

Mum came this afternoon and now Lucy and Elizabeth are at 'Poppy's house' for the weekend.

Dave and I took Megan and Jessica to McDonald's for a burger and Wendy's for icecream, won't say they enjoyed it because that is too obvious lol

This morning, on our way home from school drop off, Elizabeth, Lucy and I called in and had a coffee with Dave (that is Elizabeth and Lucy watched us drink our coffee but Dave did buy them a little chocolate). Then we came home to put the washing on the line, the sun shone again today so we made the most of it.

In amongst all that I did some creating...

I found these at spotlight last weekend

They are 7x8cm and I've wanted some for a while. So over the day I painted layers on each and created these

They haven't turned out as I wanted but I have a couple more packs to play with :) I don't think they are too bad, being it my 2nd time to create a canvas. Wondering if I should do the Etsy thing as I have a few other things in my head.. time will tell ;)

We went early to school, as they had a school assembly. Was nice to see all the kids together in one spot. Jessica's class showed their work about garden creatures. Megan was meant to play recorder but that didn't happen.

After we got home and the washing was in I felt the urge to do a layout so grabbed some scraps and this came together in minutes :)

Megan has soccer tomorrow. Dave was meant to have a game to but it is in Launcetson (2.5hr drive North of here) but isn't going because of his coaching commitments to Megan's team. Jessica and I will be Orange girls at half time :)

Hope your weekend is super :)

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  1. So lovely and so true about time. Enjoy being orange girls :) I hope they win!

  2. those rock Sharmaine!!!

    Sharmaine etsy?! Yay!

  3. awesome canvases!!
    and that layout rocks!

    have a lovely weekend!

  4. I love the LO!!! and the paintings (left you comments on SIS:))

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!


  5. Wow. Those canvases are AMAZING!!!

  6. I say: yes on etsy. It dosn't hurt to try it. I opened one in July, and tried to sell acrylic albums...I sold 3 that was it. but the tags are doing better ;) So, I it!!

    The layout is beautiful. I move the colors and how you framed it.

    Have an awesome weekend.

  7. I like what you did with the little canvas projects!

  8. The canvas' are just gorgeous and I love the layout - full of colour and happy things.

  9. cute mini canvasses... I just bought some, too!


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