Thursday, April 17, 2008


Elizabeth came home yesterday with an egg carton that she had painted in Kindergarten.

Today she showed me the game that she had invented, I am assuming she invented it and it wasn't something her relief teacher showed her (she had a relief teacher this week as her regular one had hurt her leg and was on crutches).

You take the painted egg carton

some gum nuts

and you have to throw them into the egg carton and try to get the yellow spot.

I thought it was a rather clever game invention ;) it was a lot harder than it sounded!

We had fun outside in the sunshine today :)

Grandma rang to say she was home, yay. She now has physio to get her hips and legs working again :)

Dave went back into work last night, which is why I blogged last night, while Megan was at Guides and tonight he is at soccer training.

Today I scrapped this page about Megan's first soccer game.

Will leave you with some linkity links that I have found inspiring or worth a little look :)

Christina has just started this blog which is super cool

Brigitte has a challenge happening on her blog

Scrapstars is a new site worth checking out

Scrap Book Shelf is a new site too, have bookmarked it as it has some cool scrap book bargains!

Tammy has a competition on her blog that is worth checking out :)

Picnik photo editing thats free! I am yet to find time to play with, but have heard and seen wonderful results. Go play with your photos and see what you can do!

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  1. what a fun little game!! She is very Clever to come up with that by herself!!!
    LOVE the soccer layout!!
    Xx jEss

  2. Alison9:29 PM

    Love your soccer layout. My daughter is the goalie for her team and I find it hard to do soccer layouts.

  3. that game sounds really neat! and that soccer layout is killer...always on the lookout for good sports pages :)

  4. oh my goshhhhh thanks so much for that link!! i woke up this morning, have a buttload of orders and 3 conversations asking if i was going to have more in stock!! i couldn't figure out what was going on! hahaha i guess it goes to show you, people want what popular people have :P thanks again, i'm going to busy today! haha

  5. what a lovely photo!! love the carton missy!

  6. Sounds like a great game!!

    That soccer layout is soooooo neat!! Lovin' all the yellow!!!

  7. thanks for the links. I love all that yellow on the LO. so bright and cheery.

  8. Thank you for the list of links (and for including scrapstars!) :D

    Love the soccer layout -- the colors are perfect! And what a cute game! :)


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