Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Right now

* Dave is at school getting the girls and then taking Megan's soccer team for their first soccer training session. He is coaching them. Is a 7 a side team and they are down to 6 players so we will see what happens!!
* We are thinking of Grandma, Dave's Mum, as right now she should be in hospital having both hips replaced. We are waiting to hear how everything has gone but guessing that phone call won't come till later as the operation is a 3+ hour one, hopefully they are half way through as I write!!
* I just finished off this layout of our niece Mia.
* Elizabeth and Lucy are outside playing, they have enjoyed the fact that we didn't have to get back in the car to go back to school! I can hear them talking to each other and playing and it makes me smile :)
* I can still feel the yummy bread, that Bron made us, sitting in my belly. Lucy and I had a lovely time with Bron, helped her clean some windows, and we will be back there again tomorrow night as it is Bron's birthday so they are having a bbq for that and to say Bye :)
* I have to go get the washing in and then think about starting dinner. Megan will get home from soccer training and then get ready to go to Guides so its a busy day.
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  1. love your stitching and the fabriques. gorgoeus!

  2. Hi Sharmaine
    I'll be thinking of Dave's Mom. Please keep us posted.

  3. Adorable layout! so sweet :)
    I'm sorry to here about Dave's mom. I hope the surgery goes well. I will definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers. ((hugs))

  4. this is gorgeous, luv how u incorporated fabrics..

  5. I hope everything with your MIL goes good.

    Very cute LO, I love the little robot!

  6. That is just the sweetest lo!!!

    Hope all goes well with Dave's Mom!!

  7. Love the new layout! It is adorable!!!

  8. Your layout is gorgeous,pretty spring colors!

  9. steph Devlin8:32 AM

    Sharmaine, hello, just thought I would drop in.

    That layout is absolutely gorgeous. the colours just work beautifully.

    Where oh where did you get that pink robot from.????? I have to have it. Its amazing!!!!! I love it.

    Steph xo

  10. LOVE this LO Sharmaine!! It's freakin stunning!! Good to see you've already made some use of the RAK I sent you!!

  11. Anonymous3:13 PM

    what an absolutely gorgeous layout Sharmaine, you've captured the colours of the photo so beautifully.


  12. Cute page!! Love the picture! And wishing grandma a safe recouperation from the surgery!

  13. Beautiful Baby!!! very pretty page of her :)

    have a Fabulous Friday Sharmaine! *hugs*

  14. hey there!!

    love this adorable LO + all that stitching + fabric = YUM!!

    all the best for Grandma too!!


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