Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Lucy and I were pottering around home, this morning, getting ready for her morning tea when the phone rang. It was my bestest friend in the whole wide world, beside Dave who is all that and more, it was Bron. She wanted to know if I was able to go visit and after saying yes I was free tomorrow I thought well why not now, which worked for her!! So Lucy and I jumped in the car and zoomed over to see Bron.

So why is she my friend beyond friend?? because we just click, there is something that we have that I don't have with anyone else and you can feel it. Dave even wrote as much in our wedding card to her and Murray, so I guess he sees it too :) Bron and Murray are heading over to the UK next week, for how long noone really knows, so it was wonderful to have this time with her and we are going to go visit again tomorrow :) :) We haven't seen each other much since she got back from the UK years ago and even less since she got married etc as life just gets in the way but I am feeling thankful that she rang and that I had nothing happening so I could just GO!

Our time together is always meaningful, always worth it! I love that I can laugh with her, cry with her (although I get her in tears more than the other way around, it's a gift I have lol) and I just get her. Going to miss them but I already was so not much will change there lol I once referred to her as one of my legs and it makes me happy to have spent time with her, yep she is my best friend

Also took some photos from the house they have been living in because I just love their views!!

The mountain

the river

Blissful view!
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  1. Those pics make me so homesick for Tassie :\
    Glad you could hang out with Bron, say hi for me if ya get the chance :p

  2. love the shots of the view!!! and the two of you are Beautiful :)

    it is indeed lovely to have that friend whom you've not seen for ages but still "click" :)

    have a lovely week Sharmaine!

  3. So great to have friends like that.
    You may not see then very often when you do, it's like you never skipped a beat. You just pick right up where you left off.

    So glad you get to enjoy her friendship like that before she leaves. Isn't so much fun making those memories?

  4. Aw, you and your friend are too cute!
    And those pictures of your view? Gorgeous!

  5. Wow!!! What an AMAZING view!!! It is just breathtaking.

    And I LOVE the pic of you and your bff. I saw two of mine from WAY back this weekend and it's amazing how we just CLICK and feel like it was just yesterday that we saw each other. I know that's the sort of friends you two are too; I can tell from the pic and your post. So special that you got to see each other!

  6. Your post made me smile!

  7. Aww I am glad you have a friend like that!!


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