Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks to Megan

I have a cold, yep families that play together share colds... Dave has a snotty nose and I have that and a sore throat, joy joy lol
Completed these 2 layouts, a little playing around ;)

Hope your Monday was ok :)
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  1. oh I love the first layout with all those paint splashes. The second one is cute too!

  2. Alison-lee8:07 PM

    Loving the custard layout! My daughter is a custard lover too!! Love the colour in your title.

  3. Aww love these both Sharmaine! I think the touches of baby blue on the orange bg are brilliant.

    And the custard LO looks yummy. ;-)

  4. That paint blob is such a great representation of custard!!!

    I really love how you showcased Dave's picture with the fabric and the stitching. Its got a bit of an old school feel, perfect for the age of the photo!

    Both layouts are great!!!

    I hope you feel better soon!!!

    : .)

    You ROCK Grilfiend!!!

  5. Both so cute, but those drips on the first page made me giggle!

  6. oh sweet! Each layout is really fun. Very nice :)

  7. hope you feel better Sharmaine :) I too have had the blasted cold/flu for over a week :( love the layouts, I too got to do some scrapbooking over the weekend which was absolutely divine ;)

    Take care

  8. Gorgeous layouts!! I especially love the 'dave' one!!

  9. OMG I love them both!!! Your awesome :)

  10. jayne6:26 AM

    Cooler than cool, Sharmaine, as always!



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