Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scanning the past

Yep that is another good thing about our new printer... it has a scanner so today I took a little time, which turned into a lot as the darn thing had to do an update lol, and scanned some photos of Dave and then 1 of me. As you can see they aren't recent photos lol

Dave at 2 or 3 months

Dave at 6 or 7 months

and Dave at 13 months

Me at 3 :)

I don't have any photos of me before 3 and very few of me at all as a kid, hope to get some of Mum but I know there aren't many. Anyway now that I have these scanned and printed I am off to scrap them :)

Hope your weekend was a wonderful one, the girls have a student free day tomorrow. Moving schools we found out that our old school DID have too many student free days. We only have 2 this year instead of the half dozen plus that we had previously!!

Marg thank you so much for leaving a comment, I was only thinking of you the other day. Glad you found me and hope to see you again!! If you want to email me, see the linky thing on the side, please do as I didn't get an email address with your comment and would love to hear from you :)

PS if your interested go check out Lusi's blog as she is having an amazing RAK giveaway, and while your there see her amazing creations ;)
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  1. oh you look so cute and you look so you!!!

  2. CUTE!!! I want a scanner like that:)

    Happy Sunday!


  3. awww, adorable!!

  4. oh i love old photos! can't wait to see how you scrap them.

  5. Hey Sharmaine !!
    sooo cute foto of you at 3 !! that will make a good LO for a BOM ??
    Good to see you're all well !!

  6. awesome Baby shots!!! i don't have many childhood photos of me... can't wait to see you scrap them!

    great LOs and album you did! you're really very creative :)

    have a good week ahead Sharmaine!

  7. awwww!!!


    I love that last pix of you playing in the water!

  8. aww how cute is that!! I think your girls look just like you!

  9. God, you are so cute!!!!


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