Sunday, April 20, 2008

To my dearest secret sister

Hello and thank you for visiting my bloggity blog :)
If your wanting hints on what might make me smile you could check out my blog sidebar as I have things listed there that I only have the good fortune to drool over while surfin' the web. I'm hoping you might find enough information listed to get your imagination running and if not a aqua or teal coloured Ferrari is always a winner ;)

Lub ya, whom ever you may be,

Yours in Secret Sis-ness

Me :)

To anyone else reading my blog...

Today we took the half empty van and picked up Elizabeth and Lucy from Mum and Dad's.

Here is the chauffeur of the crazy bus...

Here is the entertainment in the crazy bus...

and here is I on the crazy bus...
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  1. Allison7:11 PM


  2. :) great photos on the crazy bus

  3. hahahah-that is soo funny!!!

  4. Anonymous12:48 AM

    It's your Secret Sister again, lurking about...trying to spy what I can find that will make you squeeling with happiness!!! :)

  5. omgosh! SHARMAINE you totally make me smile

  6. hahahaha, what that bleu thing? Hope to hear from you. Mika (

  7. What wonderful photos - too funny!

  8. Yay, love the craziness! All the additives in that blue lolly.
    Love from another secret SIS...


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