Saturday, May 17, 2008

13,000 and counting

Thank you too all who have visited my blog since I started blogging March 2006. Thank you all who stop by regularly and a huge thank you to those that stop and comment, I appreciate each of you :) It makes blogging a little easier knowing that there is someone out there reading it, even the posts where it is just about my day :) So I challenge you to go blog hopping and leave comments as you go, you never know what happiness you might spread!

Ok so my day, much like last Saturday, Megan had soccer and then in the afternoon Megan and I went and sold the last of her Girl Guide biscuits, yay!
Last night I created this, while watching the telly, the gnome and journal paper are from Q-tea

journaling reads: "I know we have one or two... ok so maybe four or five, but truly every garden needs a gnome! That's why we started buying a gnome for Grandma each time we visited. We love that the little fellows got moved around the garden and that we surprise Grandma with a new addition. Love that Pete even got in on the game and gave her one. Made me smile that Megan chose to give Dave one for Christmas. Maybe, just maybe, a new tradition might have started"

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  1. so so cute the gnome lo, congrats on your visitors :)

  2. love that darling gnome layout!!!

  3. grandma11:09 AM

    the gnomes even surprise me when I have forgotten where I put them! thanks for the fun!!! Congratulations on all those blogs, they are the highlight I my day when I turn on the computer

  4. what a cute layout! we don't really have a garden but just a tiny one @ our tiny balcony. don't have a gnome but there's a Smiley ladybug :D

    hope you're enjoying the weekend!

  5. eeek! I love this gnome layout. it looks so much fun! :)


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