Thursday, May 22, 2008

9 days till winter

and this morning we had our first frost!

I had to get snappy and take some shots. This is from the inside of the sunroom, brrr

Also today Jessica lost her 2nd tooth. She 'twisted' it out while at school.

And just to show that the 'creative gene' is on both sides, this is what Davie Babes umm created on the fridge :)

The first challenge has been set for the Project Scrap-away and I got right on to it. It's a little different to what you might class as my usual layout, but I like it so we will see how it goes because it's emailed in now lol All the best to the other contestants as they create and submit this week.
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  1. Wow, I heard on the news tonight that in some parts of Tassie it was colder than the Antarctic, I think you just proved it with your pics! Fabulous photo's by the way.

  2. Doh, I actually popped in to say congratulations on your first post at Aussie Scrapbooking, it was great! :-)

  3. So weird to remember its cold in some parts of the world when it is so dang HOT here. Love the toothless grin photo. I remember my DD being that age. Those were the days

  4. Great frost photos! And I love the fridge art. Good luck with the contest.

  5. ohh...i can feel the "coolness"! it's really warm over here on our side...

    Jessica looks happy :D is she waiting for the tooth fairy?

    wishing you a Fabulous Friday Sharmaine & Good Luck with the contest!

  6. Gee Whiz, it looks freezing down there Sharmaine!
    Hey, my daughter has lost exactly the same teeth at the moment! She pulled the second one out a few weeks ago, a bit too early I think as there is no other tooth below in sight yet!

  7. Certainly looks chilly there! I love the picture of your daughter, her blue eyes just pop. Losing those teeth can be so annoying till they come out. My son has several that are loose and he won't leave them alone, lol.

  8. great pics!! And that is some serious fridge art!


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