Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Megan's grace and Jessica's jewellery

Have to start with this, Megan's grace at dinner time...

"Dear Jesus, thank you for the day and thank you for this pigeon poo..."

Yes Grandma we had mashed veggies!! For years I got away with calling it monster mash but then the girls found out that Dave, growing up, called it pigeon poo and tonight they decided to have fun with other names... Jessica called her serving Snake spew (spelt speooy).

Thought I would share Jessica' creation that she made for Mother's day. I love it :)

Today I finished off the other 2 mini canvases

and then I scrapped this photo of Elizabeth

Journaling "You love to blow dandelion heads! Daddy doesn't because it makes more grow in the lawn :) On this day I watched you blowing and I thought about how you'd grown. Once you were a baby then puff a gorgeous young lady!"

Also today I found out that I made it through to the final list for the Project Scrap Away Contest shocked to say the least but looking forward to seeing what the challenges are. So here is the page I made and sent in.

“When did your legs get so long?
When did you get so big?
I am sure it was just yesterday that you were just a little baby???
Did I close my eyes for too long and miss the transformation of baby to young lady? Seems like the blink of the eye.
Has it really been 7 years since you were growing inside of me? Almost 7 years since you decided it was your time to enter the world 7 years since our family grew by 1 again.
The time really has gone by so very fast and that scares me, before long you will take your butterfly wings and see how far they can spread. It scares me because I just don’t want to miss any of this. I don’t want to close my eyes and have 7 more years gone before I see how long those legs have got. So Jessica please PLEASE know that I am here for you, to help those wings unfold and to marvel at all you transform into. I love you.”

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. What wonderful, endearing journaling!
    And how exciting you made it to the final round, I am keeping my finga's crossed for you my LUB!! ;-)

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Very fun canvas art! And your dandelion layout is just perfect!

  3. Pigeon poo??? Too cute.

    What a beautiful necklace your daughter made you - your so lucky!

    Cute canvases and LO's too!

  4. The canvas is so cool. Love that style. See you soon. mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  5. Anonymous7:14 AM

    ahhhhh. I just LOVE this. everythign about it. the colors, the mediums, the photo angle and most of all the journaling! WONDERFUL!

  6. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Great job. You children must have your genes because that necklace is just beautiful. Crafty must be in you DNA..wink-wink. You are on a creative high right now, bravo

  7. Sharmaine!!! that's a beautiful necklace and your pages...always so fun to look at!

    hope you're enjoying the midweek! :)

  8. Awesome, just Awesome! Every time I look at your layouts, I think Wow! I love the colors and your journaling :)

    and the pigeon poo! cracked me up!

  9. oh Yeah, and I love the cartoon characters, very cute and the story! looking forward to more :)

  10. Love those canvas sharmaine!!!
    too cool!!! And the LOL's
    Thanks for adding me to ur favourites !!! feel honoured

  11. grandma10:15 AM

    pideon poo, what memories that has!! glad your girls have learnt such wonderful words from their father, hope they enjoyed the food!!!!


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