Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bubble gum makes me smarter...

that is what Megan told Dave today as she cleaned her room!!

And she did a really good job of it AND didn't complain once!! Now that is a first!

All the girls had their rooms tidied today, so now the house is clean :) Jessica took the longest time to clean her room and I even found a pile of sand in behind her mirror, on her dresser... this girl always has something to leave me wondering what goes on in her head lol

We spent the day changing clothes over, putting Megan, Jessica AND Elizabeth up a size. So now Elizabeth is wearing what Jessica was wearing, Jessica is wearing what Megan was wearing and Megan has an almost new wardrobe lol

What else did we do today... The girls got to open their box of holiday cereal (a tradition at holiday time is to have 'not-so-healthy cereal')... we looked after a friends boys while she went to the doctor... the sheets got washed... Jessica is sleeping on the bottom bunk in Megan's room (just for tonight.... hmmm)...

Dave pulled out some of his train set and set it up in the hallway, running into 2 bedrooms, under their beds...

Can you see Megan falling on to the floor?? they were doing their best to stop the trains lol
Dave now has it running a lap of the lounge room :)
I think someone is in holiday mode, even though he isn't the one on holidays lol Makes me happy to see him happy ;) and right now he is setting up another loop inside the other one...

And before I go play trains too, go see if you can find me here or here, i'm excited, and thankful, about both :)
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  1. LOL love the train :)Looks like happy times!

  2. how fun, maybe you can get them to rub off on my Bella to do the same hahahahaha. Love the train looks like you all had a very fun day!

  3. Oh, my goodness!!! I love that train going all over the house like that. The girls look so cute trying to get it! 4 girls?! Wow! 4 of us growing up at home, one boy though. It makes for a full house of all kinds of stuff going on!!

  4. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Hi Sharmaine, your holiday is looking like a lot of fun, love the train set up in a house full of girls :)
    Love the cereal idea, what did they pick. If I ever got to stay at my Nana's as a kid, we got Froot Loops! Yummo. My kids don't even know what they are.... so deprived :)


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