Friday, May 30, 2008

More sunsets...

But first some words from the mouths of babes...

Driving to school this afternoon, Elizabeth said "I get to see my sisters for 2 weeks, that's great". Yep school holidays started today and all of the girls have been looking forward to it and looking forward to hanging out together.

Also, today, Elizabeth and Lucy were watching Blues Clues. It was about Hug day so guess what Elizabeth and Lucy did....
Yep!! Sad but true lol I love that they are like this :)
I made a layout of these two today too :)

And now I will leave you with the gorgeous sunset, it made me wish I as over the hill just so I could see the sun going down rather than the glow of it going down.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend :) No idea what we will get up to, other than some sleepin' :)

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  1. beautiful sunset!! the girls are adorable!

  2. Thats a beautiful page a beautiful sunset and beautiful girls!!! They are adorable! Yay for Hug Day!

  3. Hi Sharmaine,
    Wow, loving your SUNSET photogs!!! Making me smile ~:O)
    I have been busy busy with my daughters lacrosse...just finished up the season with final stats and awards!! Hoping to get back to blogging and posting my layouts soon. Summer is here and we travel for lacrosse in a couple of who knows if i can post anything between now and then.

    Your layouts are always so inspiring and i still stalk the SIS profiles...hope to post there soon also!!

    Have a wonderfully fun weekend!!


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