Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting jiggy with my camera

so I had fun playing with my camera today, will share photos in a minny but first our day...

This morning Elizabeth, Lucy and I met up with some of the other kinder mums/kids at the Fit and Fun centre. Elizabeth and Lucy went straight to the HUGE slide and then disappeared into the maze of fun! From there we went and bought some Hungry Jacks before coming home to eat. On the way home Dave rang to say he wouldn't be home late as planned, he was up North for the day. After lunch we went out and enjoyed the sunshine, hence the camera play :) Dave was just getting home as we pulled up after school, and that was our day :)

So now, without further ado, some photos from our garden :)

So there ya go :)
The end
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  1. love the gnomes and garden shots looks like you have some nice weather our family in Burnie have said its been freezing there :)

  2. They look so cute!

  3. ohhh i love them all esp the tomatoes and strawberries!

  4. Love the gnomes!!! I must come to your house to eat someday, first you had pics of thouse muffins/sconnes a while back and now the strawberries!!!:)

    Have a great day!


  5. vivian10:33 AM

    lovely pictures!! the strawberry sure looks tasty! :)


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