Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hey Hey it's Sunday :)

And lots to share!!!!

It's been a super dooper, flat out, busy weekend!

Friday night was Dave's High School reunion. Was cool to see people who he had gone to school with, nice to catch up with those that I had already met and funny to hear some stories, most I already knew, but funny :)

Saturday we went shopping for a birthday present (Megan was off to a birthday party later in the day) then home to make some lunch before off to watch Megan play soccer. Dave left from there to play his game and got home in time for me to go take Megan to the pool party she was going to. Yes it was an undercover and heated pool!!! She enjoyed herself :)
The today we were on Carpark at Church. I enjoy doing this service as it brings smiles to faces as we wave hello and it is a great way to start the day :) Megan went to a friends place after Church so we took the other 3 and went to spend Elizabeth's birthday money. She ended up, after 3 shops, getting a packet of Charlie and Lola domino cards. We had McDonald's for lunch and then came home for a game of domino's.

Ok so on to other things...

I spent some time on Friday and made this for my secret SIS over at SIStv, hope she likes :)

This is the page I made for the Project Scrap-away contest. You had to find an advertisement from a magazine or newspaper and scrap a page inspired by that ad. I chose one from one of Dave's Engineering magazines. It is quite different to my 'normal' scrapping but I really liked the clean lines and multi photos so it was ideal for this page I made. Mashir is my Mum, she didn't want to be called Grandma or Nanna or any other typical Grandmother name so settled on Mashir as her name is Shirley.
So by stepping outside my usual scrappy mode I'm crossing fingers and toes and waiting till Wednesday to see how I went :)

*edit* I've removed the photos of my page, for now, as suggested by the scrap-away team. Will republish them after the announcements :) Thanks :)

And then yesterday, after the girls and I got home from soccer and they all had naps (after their late night when Mum babysat), I scrapped my Scrap Mojo challenge page. The challenge was to use clothing as inspiration and to use tape. I already had the latest Target catalogue waiting as I just loved the picture of this top.

So I used that as inspiration to create this "Hello my name is..."

I think the trees trunks look a little scary lol

And will leave you with my biggest news so far!! Check out Aussie Scrapbooking, I have been given the opportunity to be a contributor and have already had two articles (pieces I have written) published!!! Exciting :)
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  1. yay congrast on being published
    love those trees on your lo :)

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    wow you have been busy!! and congrats! well done!

  3. vivian9:27 PM

    that was me. sorry ;)

  4. love the way you used the shirt for inspiration! your LO came out great!!!

  5. Hi, that sounds like a busy weekend. Love the lo. Speak to you soon. Mika (

  6. I looove those trees! I think they are fabulous!

  7. Congratulations on the pub!!!!

    And I so love the layout with the trees- so cool!!!

  8. That top caught my eye at Target today!! Love it. Layout is totally cool as always girl :)


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