Monday, May 12, 2008

Mum's Day

started early!

The girls had been busy making things and I was showered in presents.

The most treasured was a card from Elizabeth, she wrote all this herself and it makes me smile (a lot) to see her write.

Jessica wasn't feeling well on Friday so I had picked the girls up early and so today I got some more gifts that were waiting at school, including a cool heart necklace from Jessica and a bookmark from Megan.

Dave was asked to help out at Church, so he got all tux'd up so he could greet the ladies at Church. Everyone was given a flower and then escorted to their seat, noice ;)

Elizabeth had a birthday party in the afternoon so after scoffing down some lunch, we picked up KFC on the way home from Church, Elizabeth and I headed out for the afternoon. Was a lovely party, very noisy even though there were only 6 of them there and Elizabeth enjoyed herself. We got home in time to get Mum's mothers day present ready and then we all jumped in the van and went to Mum and Dad's for dinner.

Today was right back into being busy, with only 3 hours at home, but I finished these.

This layout of me

and this page in my Art Journal.

I did this page after thinking about lots of different things. Thankful that I have a family that is together (spent time on Mother's day thinking of those Mums who were without their kids for the day). Have been thinking about people who spend all their lives searching for a focus. Thinking about time and where I spend it. Thinking about time and where other people spend it. Wondering what life would be like without focus. Wondering what life would be like if everyone had a focus.....

Just thinking.

Ps, to my Secret SIS. I have added a Wist list to my side bar, it took me longer than i thought so sorry for the wait :) I hope it helps in some way :)

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  1. Just had a good catch up on your blog Sharmaine. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day :) I loved my daughter's writing in a card the best too!
    Have a good week!

  2. sounds like a busy but lovely mothers day dont tell my kids but i love shaun the sheep even picked up a dvd for me i mean the kids at the abc shop today too funny :)

  3. Love that your dh dressed in a tux for his Mother's Day duties at church!

  4. what a handsome hubby you have!!
    so glad you were it should be!!!
    lovely layouts as always!!

  5. WOW youve got spoiled!Sounds like a great day!

  6. grandma11:30 AM

    what a handsome husband you have!!!! that is because he has to keep up with you!!

  7. love, love, love the layouts! there goes your eye for color again!

    looks like it was a great mum's day!


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