Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh the sun shone...

it did!! It was like a summer's day, not the dreary Autumn weather we have been having! The day started with me having a 'stay in bed' time, YAY, Dave making pancakes, YAY, me reading a little, YAY and heading out to Megan's soccer game via a garage sale where I purchased 2 5oc baskets and a 50c stool, YAY. The baskets are cool, one is an old wicker picnic basket and the other is a large, rectangle, flat base basket with a large handle. The stool is a wooden one with a large curved seat, very cool too!

After lunch Megan and I spent almost 2 hours knocking on doors and selling Girl Guide biscuits. 1 box down 3 to go :)

Scrapped my One Little Word challenge today,

Tomorrow is Mothers Day, I know that some little girls have some presents stashed under their beds for the morning, and Elizabeth is off to a birthday party in the afternoon. I am waiting to hear back from Mum and Dad as to whether dinner will be here or at their place. Hope you all have a super Mum's day :)
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  1. Great LO. Have a great mother's day (ours was back in march) & i hope to see you visit my blog again soon xx

  2. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Hi Sharmaine,
    This is your Secret Sister, just wanted to stop by and say hello.
    Am still working on some goodies for you, but am having a hard time on exactly what type of things you would like.
    Could you please make a list for me on your blog, as I want to send you things that you can use. :)
    Have a wonderful day, thank you.

    Your Secret Sister

  3. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Hiya gorgeous! I love your site. Have just looked at May now I've got about a year to catch up on!! Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow. Bless ya! Bron
    PS everything is going fine over here. The weather is great after two weeks of rain. Love ya!

  4. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow! Hope you get another little bit of sunshine. We are just now coming out of winter and into spring, so I am hoping for a beautiful non-rainy day myself.

  5. Grandma1:42 PM

    Happy mothers day to you and a BIG thank you for my lovely gift it is wonderful

  6. Hai Sharmaine,
    Enjoy your girl today and have fun withthe presents.
    I love the lo, the white paint is awesome. Talk to you soon. Mika (

  7. Happy Mother's Day Sharmaine!
    hope it was fun with Dave and the girls :)


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