Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Lots :(

Dave was away Sat-Mon, work and a visit to see his Mum, so the weekend was a little hard on this ol' girl. But we are alive still, Dave is home and now I just need to get this cold knocked on the head and I might be back to 'me' again!

Was going to use the nights Dave was away to do some MEGA scrapping but it didn't happen. I don't know why but I found this time, while he was away, really hard. I should be used to him going away but this time I couldn't stop the tears...

Friday was Elizabeth's 5th birthday. We went to a park in the morning, to play with some of her kindergarten friends, home for fairy bread lunch and then her birthday dinner was the requested pizza and donuts.

Her donut cake

My Dad showing the world that Tasmanians do have 2 heads...


Dave took over some gifts for Grandma, will share what I made later, the girls made a sign for Grandma.

Scrapped these yesterday, trying to keep the day busy before Dave came home.

The rainbow stamp is from Lusi Austin's stamps

Leave you with this photo, taken this morning. Love that each day is new

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  1. Hi Sharmaine -

    And here I thot you weren't posting b/c you went on holiday!

    Great pixs as usual! I love the one with your Dad and Jessica!

    Oooh and the donut cake!!! Cute idea!!!

    I sure hope you're feeling better, and soon!!!

  2. wondered where you were, the boards were not the same :)

    hope you feeling better
    take care

    deb :)

  3. Hi Sharmaine,

    Our daughters share the same birthday. It was my eldest daughters birthday last Friday and it will be my youngest daughters birthday this Friday. Love you layouts - but then I always do - they always inspire me. Just wish I was game enought o use paint like you do. Love the effects you get with it though. Gorgeous sunset too - have posted them on my blog this week also. We have had some awesome sunsets here of late.

  4. Melissa11:36 PM

    I love the painterly look of your layouts... and the donut cake is too cute!!

  5. Hi Sharmaine! *hugs*
    glad you're feeling better and Happy 5th Birthday Lucy! the donut cake looks Yummy :D

  6. Wow. I totally adore that cake. I may have to make one. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hope you are feeling better! :) Love the donut cake as well as your new pages. Love all the paint!

  8. Oh love... not good, but yes I love the fact that everyday is a new one too :)

    sending hugs and love


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