Friday, May 09, 2008

Whoop Whoop it's Friday!!

and for that I am thankful!
3 weeks to go and then the girls are on school holidays, another thing to be thankful for!!

Been thinking of some people of late so today I made some cards and then Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to the post office, so now some happy things are off on their journey across this wonderful world to put smiles on some dials!! Elizabeth was very excited to see the 'donut man' at the post office. He remembered us and said hi, we saw him yesterday too, when we did the supermarket shopping so Elizabeth said thankyou for the cake :)

Today I finally finished page 21 in my art journal. It took me almost a month to make, I have been wiping paint on the page each time I had paint on my fingers etc so it took time and finally today I was happy with how it looked.

Also finished off this page of Elizabeth. While eating lunch yesterday she just had this 'melt your heart' look and so I asked if I could take some photos, amazingly she said yes! So we snapped a few and almost all of them she was looking at the camera, something she usually doesn't do! So that's why I just had to scrap this photo :)

Megan has soccer tomorrow and then Dave is playing 2 games late afternoon/night. Here's to sleeping in... HOPING lol

Ok, off to get in the washing, thankful that the sun was shining today so all the washing is now dry!
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  1. I LOVE seeing your art's beautiful..and that layout is amazing!!

  2. your art journal is awesome Sharmaine! and what a lovely layout there of your Sweet Girl :)

    have a wonderufl weekend!

  3. Oooh beautiful! I love the layout of Elizabeth!

  4. OhMyGoodness!!! Elizabeth's light is just SHINING thru this picture!!! She is just gorgeous!!! I love how you always are able to coordinate the colors of the LO with the colors in your photos. Love the dots too!!! : .)

    Yummy paint collage! A woman after my own heart!!! (Circles!!!)

  5. Felt the same way about Friday Sharmaine, couldn't wait for the weekend, even though it is busy.
    I love your art journal page - I especially love the quote on it. Looks brilliant. Layout rocks too.

  6. Sasha8:59 AM

    Girl love that .. you are so talented boo...have a great weekend.

  7. Hi sweets,
    stopping by to say that I love all the inspiration and to say
    Happy Mother's Day.

    Hope you have a great weekend.
    ♥ Sandra


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