Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Cold start to a sunny day

This was before the sun made an appearance on the horizon

and this is my favourite Sunrise shot from this morning, love the wispy clouds

Thought I would share this note that Megan wrote to me while she was at Mum and Dad's. She had it in an envelope, addressed and with a stamp (Mum wasn't impressed she had wasted a brand new stamp lol).
I like Tuesday afternoons, no rushing back to school as Dave goes up for Megan's soccer training so picks up Megan and Jessica. Made the most of it today, scrapped this page for the Design Team search at Scraploot, you had to scrapjack (copy) one of the pages posted in the gallery. I choose this one, Cheerful and Bright, find lifting/jacking hard so glad this came together without too much fuss :)

and I also made this page of Dave, was setting Lucy's Barbie bike up to be recharged last night and I just knew I had to scrap this :)

We got out in the sun this afternoon too. Lucy played golf with the tennis ball before it got too cool to be outside.

I also took some photos of Lucy and Elizabeth, really pleased with these 2 shots so I am sure they will appear somewhere else on my blog in the future ;)

Little Miss Lucy took it upon herself to do some house decorating today... Took a whiteboard marker, that Elizabeth has for practicing her handwriting and lives in her school 'home folder', and scribbled over the pantry cupboard doors, the hallway door and the length of the hallway wall. Thankfully the pantry and door are gloss and it just wiped off... the hallway I have had to scrub A LOT. Rabbit that she is :)

Off now, next round contestants for Project Scrap-Away are announced tomorrow afternoon, will let you know how I got on and will then post the Pattern Paper I made as well as the layout I used it on.

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  1. Your days are so full! What a beautiful sunrise. My son has his episode with drawing on the walls, but at least it was crayon. The neighbor's daughter had a sharpie! Good luck with the next round (insert cheers and whistles here)

  2. Your sunrise photos are just awesome especially your second one - I love sunsets (probably cause I can never drag myself out of bed to catch a sunrise. Sharmaine I love your layouts - I love the way you use paint, you so inspire me.

  3. Hi Sharmaine, just checking in to see how your life is going and it looks to be amazing. What beautiful sunrises you have been having.
    Your layouts are looking ever so beautiful and colourful as always, keep it up girl. LOL

  4. Love those layouts and I am sure those photos will be making their way onto some layouts too :)

  5. Love the layouts and I really like seeing your sunrise photos!

  6. Great pages! Love the red color it definately pops!

  7. Anonymous1:18 PM

    The letter is adorable. i can't wait until my kids are old enough to write me letters. I'm getting all misty just thinking about it. The sunset pictures are just gorgeous. great job! Also loving the layouts

  8. Beautiful photos and pages! Love your "cheerful and Bright one especially!"


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