Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I didn't see this coming...

This page of Dave

Was picked for the catwalk over at SIS!! It was the pick for the lovely Heather and it truly blew me away and I am thankful, it couldn't have come at a better time and it was a much needed boost :)

I also made it through to the next round of the Project Scrap-away! I was shocked, seriously, and been feeling like this was my time to go, then I saw the creations from the other contestants and I felt sure it would be me that was out this round, so another welcome boost. Rhonna Farrer was the judge again.

So what did I create for the 70's challenge?? well let me first take you on a journey lol When I saw the challenge the first thing I thought of was Megan's love of the song "I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair" and then I thought of the wooden hook kit that I had bought ages ago that was still sitting waiting to be opened. So open it I did and created this

but it just didn't feel right so I created this

which was more me but the colours weren't 70's enough so I then tried this

which then moved me on to a pillow case that was in the garage, it was originally curtains but then became this

it contains recipes from a 1979 Family Circle magazine. And then because I was still playing around with all the ideas in my head I made this

and then finally this, in hope that it was different enough to inspire me to create something else

And it was here that I felt very overloaded with ideas, very uncreative AND very much ready to give up... Yep give it all up! That's how much in the rut I was! All these ideas in my head and no ability to create any of them. So I left it, left it all.

The next day I had my 'alone thinking time' aka time in the shower and I got thinking and then I knew what to do. So I got to it, scanned a photo, played with my paints and made this, which was finally my entry for the challenge, it was more me and said what I wanted to say.

Journaling “I was born at the beginning of the seventies. Born as the world was changing. Changes that people before me had fought for, argued about and implemented. Changes that would shake the world and make people think. Think about who they are and what they want to be. I think the seventies was the start of people realising they had potential to be whatever they wanted to be and gave them hope for the future. It was a time when peace became a word that you would hear more often than war. When love became a topic to talk about not hideaway. When women were given opportunities to become more than a wife/mother/house cleaner. It was a time when music opened minds. Sure it sometimes ended with screaming or fainting teenagers, but it was music that had impact. It was a time of different cultures coming together to find harmony. It was a time where colour was alive, and used to give emotion to what people wanted to say. It was a time where people were allowed to use their voice and communities used their voice to help others. There is so much that the seventies gave us. I know I love being a 70s child.”

So phew I am through to the 4th round and looking forward to seeing what the new challenge will be.
Today I completed the 5th challenge for Design team search over at Scraploot. You had to use the colours pink, orange, white, blue and black. Here is my take :)

This afternoon I dropped the girls off at Mum and Dad's. They are there till Saturday as I am going up North with Dave tomorrow. He is going for work so I thought I would hitch along. Staying up there overnight, which will be nice. Going to see his Grandparents on Friday too.

Will leave you with the sunrise this morning, it had just started to rain when I took this. It didn't rain for long and the rest of the day was filled with glorious sunshine.

Take care and see you when I get back :)
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  1. Wow that is a alot of yummie eyecandy- esp.the 70s layouts- awesome!

  2. mmm that popcorn look delish and your groovy girl/chick is adorable!

  3. vivian7:05 PM

    looooooove the recipe folder!!

  4. Amazing work! Great job on just letting the mojo flow!

  5. Wow Sharmaine!!! great pages...and you were in a rut?!!! Congrats and Good Luck :)

  6. Wonderful creations! Good luck on the next rounds!

  7. SJeez so much foing on girl!Luvin all your layouts,especially your catwalk one!

    That fabric is to die for!

  8. lol! That's amazing that you made all those creations! I absolutely love your style and can't wait to see more. You are truly inspirational, Sharmaine...

  9. Anonymous5:27 PM

    congratulations on making the catwalk :)

  10. This post is just full of eye-candy!
    Congrats on the catwalk and good luck!

  11. just found you through Lusi's Blog - love your layouts - inspirational :)


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