Monday, June 09, 2008

North, East and West...

Thought I would share some of the things I have heard from the kids over the last week...

Jessica, in the car
"North, East and West... whats the other one??? Oh yeah, North, South, East, West and Coast..."

Megan, while drawing
"Can I have the grey lead so I can give Grandma some grey hair?"

Jessica, after she yawned
"My eyes are leaking"

Megan, while watching telly
"It's the pop off guy"

Lucy, while running to the toilet
"Gotta go, Gotta go, Gotta go.. ahhh relaxing"

Today we went and picked up Jessica from Mum and Dad's and left Elizabeth and Lucy their for their 'holiday'. Meeting up with Mum tomorrow lunchtime to pick them up. So tonight Megan and Jessica are 'bunking' it in Megan's room and are a little noisy, no surprises there!! Today Dave had a day off for the public holiday, thanks to the Queen for her birthday day off lol. So tomorrow he is back to the grind while Megan, Jessica and I go to the library and meet up with some friends and keep the kidlets entertained before picking up Elizabeth and Lucy.
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  1. Heyyy beautiful Sharmaine !!
    Thanks for your visit !! i've been slack and haven't had much time to visit you know how it's like...
    soooo cute to hear our kids talking isn't it!!


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