Sunday, June 08, 2008

This made my heart smile...

There once was a girl.
This girl was a beautiful girl.
She was a clever girl.
This girl wasn't able to do everything that other kids her age could do.
She couldn't jump.
But then one day she jumped.
She couldn't hop.
And then the next day she hopped.
This was a big thing for this girl.
A big thing for her Mum.
It made her Mum smile.
It gave them both hope.
That's all.
The End :)
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  1. How Fun!!! :-)

  2. Owmy thats so adorable!

  3. my heart just grew 2 sizes for you :)

    i didn't think it was at all possible to adore you more...but i guess it is :)

    love you sweet sharmaine & i love how you help me find such joy in the little (big) things in is that stuff that makes all the difference :)


    happy day to you!!!


  4. Anonymous11:26 AM

    So adorable!!


  5. ohhhhhh this is sooooo sweet to read Sharmaine !!
    Well done for your little one !!


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