Monday, June 30, 2008

The Sun, The Moon and Some...

This morning I went out to take a shot of the sunrise, the moon was still up so I tried to take a photo, this was the best shot I could get!

The sun coming up

Finished off this page today. I did the paint on it last week and it's been waiting for me to get back to. Happy with the result but still not feeling 'in my scrappy groove'...

Today the sun shone, as it did yesterday, very un-wintery! Got the washing all dry on the line and Lucy enjoyed some playtime outside.

And in true fashion it started raining at 3pm, school pick up time.
I started this mini today too, been wanting to do it for a while

Going to put in photos of things that made me happy on that day, probably won't be daily, hasn't started that way, but will see how it goes. Has about 14 days or so in the album and I have covered 8 in preparation. Here are the 2 I have made already, the first page is for Saturday

and one for today.

Jessica had swimming this afternoon, took this photo before she left with Dave.

I have also been asked by Beverley to take part in her 40 days event. She turns 40 in 40 days so is having a little blog party between now and then. She has asked a few people to help out with the celebrations and is having loads of giveaways over the next 40 days. I'm hosting a challenge mid-July and other people will be having things on their blogs too. So why not go check it out and make sure you leave her a comment and you might just win something!
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  1. So cool your photo of the moon + sunrise. But what are you doing up so early?!? The scrap page is cool too. What is that? Paint? Nice job.
    Bises, D

  2. Thanks for the link Sharmaine ... good luck in the draw

  3. Anonymous12:25 AM

    This is your Secret Sister, I sent you something else, but not sure it arrived?
    If you don't already know who i am, i am going to reveal myself soon...
    As the swap now lists who had who, lol...
    Anyways i really hope you get what else i purchased for you soon. :)

  4. love the moon shot!!!

    always adore your scrapbook pages and mini :) and your Lovely girls!

    hope you'll have a great month in July!

  5. Rebbecca Fanning2:26 PM

    Sunrise is such a beautiful start to the day. It is such a shame that it is very rare that I get to see it. Nice photos.

    I love your layout with the paint. I like how you have framed the photos.

    We have had some very winterery weather here with lots of much needed rain but you can send some sunshine my way.



  6. I love both your layout and the album. They are so heartfelt and touching. I may have to steal that album idea...

    And your picture of the moon is stunning! It is so fun to see how the other side of the world looks this time of year.


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