Saturday, June 07, 2008

What will I call this post??!!

I have sent in my challenge entry for the project scrap-away and I am happy with it!! So I just want to thank Dave for putting up with my little hissy fit and giving me the room to just get on with it and I want to thank Allison for having faith in me and my ability to create something. Had a tough time trying to make what I was creating look like what it SHOULD look like and then I had so many ideas floating around I just had a huge block. My shower this morning fixed that! Showers are such good think time lol I knew exactly what I should do and it worked. Will share it after this round is over and will show you all the things I had to create just to get to the end project!!!!
Today Elizabeth and Lucy painted up the plaster molds they had made a couple of weekends back. Dave helped them both while Jessica had fun with some of her birthday goodies.
Love this photo, Lucy's face just cracked my up when I saw it lol

This afternoon, while Dave was at soccer we went and picked up Megan from Mum and Dad's place and left Jessica for her 'holiday'. Tomorrow Megan is off to a friends house for lunch/afternoon so its going to be a little less noisy (who am I trying to kid lol) at home.
Megan and Dave are currently playing the Nintendo, Mario, and its funny just sitting here listening to them :) Its the first time she has played this game and Dave is laughing because she did the first part first time... when we first played, oh my so many years ago, it took us ages to figure out the joystick and buttons lol
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  1. Good luck! You layouts are wonderful. :)

  2. Heyyy good Luck for your entry !!!
    i've sort of given up on this side and ...'just enjoying' what i'm doing :)
    So sweet photos of your girly there and... i know what you mean with the technology of today...and kids...wowww don't they learn sooo quick to use those stuffs !!


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