Friday, July 25, 2008

2 chickys and a caramelatte...

Been a busy day (when do I NOT say that??!!hmmm) anyway... dropped Megan and Jessica off at school then took Elizabeth and Lucy into town. We hit some shops... Pumpkin Patch, where I got a super cool jacket for Megan at $19.99!! Grandma its like Elizabeth's green one that we got with you, but it is red, hip length and has big buttons. Also got a long sleeve t-shirt top for Megan and Jessica, the 2 for $20!! Then we went to Target, to get Megan a skivvy for school and got 2 for just over $5!!! Oh love the sales :) we then went and got a box of tissues to deliver to my Great Aunt who we went to visit after I had this

which, of course, came with 2 free babycinos, which they loved :)

I took my camera with me today but the coffee shop was crowded so didn't use a flash, so I am proud of me for getting some of the manual settings on the camera right enough to have some photos that worked out to be viewable lol

After a visit with my Great Aunt, who wondered what the girls had been drinking as they were off the show, but the truth was they were bored and now used to visiting at the hospital so just acted up, we went to spotlight and I bought some goodies for future projects, looking forward to playing and sharing at some stage :) :)

Got home in time for lunch before deciding it was sunny enough to hang the patiently waiting washing! It was almost all dry when we got home from school so that made me happy!! What is it about winter sun? I think it has more of the 'sunny' feel than the summer sun and it just warms you like no other sun. It permeates right to the core and I think I could sit in it for a long time, given the chance lol

Right... so where was I... Oh yeah hanging the washing... then we jumped back in the car and headed off to school for their assembly. Jessica is doing choir this year but dislikes it, which I don't' get as she sings more than I do and loves it... anyway Choir did a performance today as well as Jessica's class showing their projects and Megan's class showing theirs. The assembly went overtime so Megan didn't get to do her recorder performance either. Home after that and then tonight we took the girls out for dinner, which they loved :)

Soccer Saturday tomorrow, Megan's game is at 10am so no sleep ins for us this weekend :)

Hoping to make a start on my Project Scrap-Away layout tomorrow. Just have to get the wheels in motion ;)

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  1. Busy, nah...can't see why??!! Oh, I love the shots of the girls at the coffee house. Looks so yummy too! I'm tired from just reading all of your running around! Just the visit to your Great Aunt is enough! It sounds like you are taking care of yourself and the family and handling it as well as to be expected. Oh, I do think that winter sun is nice a warm. It feels so good. With all of the cold, and that little bit of warmth, just perfect!


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