Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not much to say...

Other than it was a 9am game, not a 10am game, for Megan and I didn't realise this until 5 minutes before we left and as I sat down to a bowl of porridge.... HMMMMmm

They are still to win a soccer match but they are playing so much better than at the beginning of the season and all are still enjoying it.

Made a start on a page for Project Scrap-Away, will see how that goes, and so don't have anything to share. So I thought I would look back at this day in 2007 and found this...

My best friend Bron. She had been to visit after returning from her trip to see Murray in Indonesia. So 12 months on... they are married, will be a year next month, and now in England... Time moves on so fast!!!

Ok so will leave you with some linkys...

Freckled Nest, oh my! What a lot of goodness Leigh-Ann creates. Worth a look! I just went on a whim and purchased one of her Notebook kits, they are all unique and named and I just couldn't go past the Shar kit... it called me lol

Inka is having a blogiversary and has a super dooper giveaway

Real Living Blog the blog home for the magazine but with so much goodness it needs it's own mention

Cortney has a new blog but already has posts with some fabulous hints and tips

Design Freebies is what it says it is and worth a look

Sarah has been sharing about Soul Jornaling and WOW!! I wish I had time for this, amazing!

Design Sponge lots of ideas and inspiration for on and off the craft table

Pixie Blossoms AMAZING! You won't regret having a peek at this site, lots of tips and eyecandy!

Okies thats that, hope your enjoying your weekend :)

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  1. thanks! :)
    have a nice weekend!!


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