Thursday, July 31, 2008

Missing YOU!

Just a quick post.
Down to 5 in Project Scrap-Away now and Challenge 11 is up and what a WOW challenge it is!!
Thought of something and made a start today, shhhh I used Dave's drill... can't tell you anything yet though :) Hoping to do some more tomorrow.
Will leave you with this quick digi that I just made because I needed to say it, click on the scrapblog logo if you want to see it bigger :)

Miss being able to talk with my best friend

EDIT: I have just added a song playlist, feel free to listen, or not, I have been silent before this because I love silence but, for now, I wanted to add some tunes that mean something to me... Check out the Tourniquet one, that was our wedding waltz song :)
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  1. Oh Sharmaine...I love "Porcelain." I was sitting there and suddenly I heard it coming from my computer... I had to figure out where it was coming from.
    BTW - nice scrapblog.
    Mommyvictory (Annemarie)

  2. Sorry you are missing Dave. I know what it is like to miss your dh while he's away, esp when he's your best friend. My dh is my bff too :)

  3. WWoooooHooo Still rooting for you in PSA!!!!


  4. I love that music SWAY is my favorite song from the past. I believe it was on the soundtrack of an older movie With Honors. ahhh such great memories came flooding with that song!

  5. Woo-hoo!! congrats on your PSA win - you rock!!

  6. What a lovely blog, I love your journal pages and the photo's of your family! Roxanne

  7. Love the photo and the simplicity of the journaling over it!!!


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