Friday, August 01, 2008


My Husbands back!!!

That was the first time we have had a day where we haven't talked to each other, first time EVER. That was tough!

He bought me these

and I think someone, actually make that I KNOW someone, missed him terribly

but he is home now

He rang before 11 to say he was back at the office and would be home before lunch, made my heart sing!!! Lucy and Elizabeth were thrilled when he said he wasn't going back to work after lunch!! Megan and Jessica got a surprise when he was there to pick them up after school too :)

Today I worked on some more of my Project Scrap-Away challenge. Still can't tell you but this is part of what I did

Also have to share about these 2 chickys... Very proud of them

Firstly Lou has started a new venture and is selling product and classes that will be delivered to your door. So instead of having to venture off to a class you can do it at your leisure in the comfort of your own home, how cool!! The first 3 months are using the first kit, called Spring Fling, and it looks pretty cool, I think the bug stamps are amazing, so why not go check it out and give her some support. Go Lou :)
Second I just wanted to say YAY to Gigi on the DT gig with Tamar and the gang at Tariosta. I am looking forward to seeing the creations that Gigi makes with all the yummy kits Tamar puts together. Well done Gigi!!
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  1. *HUGS*
    thanks for the plug!! lol


  2. Yayy for husband being back! :)
    mine won't be home so soon... alot of missing him happening ;)

    orange paint...what's going on?
    can't wait to see!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Hee hee ... orange huh! Should be nice and bright :-) I've got mine all worked out in my head :-) Gonna be busy the next few days I think!! :-) Good luck.
    Your hubby travels a bit too does he? Mine does ... he's away all next week :-( Not looking forward to that much.

  4. Oh, what a sweetie he is!!!! I've missed you...haven't checked your blog in a week, and so much goodness!!!

  5. Hello,
    Here is to you for stoppin in at my blog...hopefully I get some scrapping done tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. & dave are so wonderful...makes my heart swell hearing of your love & friendship...what a great & inspirational family you have :)

    thank you sweet sharmaine!!!!
    (i'm STILL thrilled beyond belief :)




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