Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some Dots, Some Snow and a Friend

Round 6 of Project Scarp-Away has been completed, I made it through to round 7, yay. We had to make 4 coasters which were 'dotty'. Teresa Collins was the judge for round 6 and this is what she said of my entry "this was so innovative with the tissue paper. loved the texture and dimension!!!!"
I made my coasters from chipboard, covered them with tissue paper before painting on the dots. I used 2 painting techniques for the dots, bubble wrap stamping and I used the packaging from some tulip bulbs as a mask for the smaller dots.
and here it is, the first four pages are what I used for my submission but I have made it into a mini album so have made more than the required four coasters.

Round 7 is to make a layout about a tragedy in your life. Ideas floating around my head so we will see what happens :)
Been coooold today, with a thick coating of snow on the mountain

Allison came to visit today, Elizabeth and Lucy enjoyed spending time with her

Dave's at soccer training tonight, brrr, so I might just get a little scrappy later :)

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  1. oooooh, Sharmaine!!! sooooo gorgeous, so textury, so batik-y and watercolory!!! LOVE!!!

    I had some dollar bin coasters in my hot little hand on Sunday and now I gotta go back and get them b/c I am so gonna lift this process!!!

    you are amazing!!! congrats on making it to the next round!!!


    - Linda

  2. Sharmaine, you amaze me!!! Love the stuff that comes out of your head!! Keep it coming!

  3. you are a true artist......i love the way that you create. :):)

  4. Wow! great album sharmaine! Good luck in the next round - you are doing so well!!

  5. Anonymous7:26 PM

    what a great idea for coasters! congrats on getting past round 7 :)

    say hello to Allison next time :D


  6. i love your mini. its truly lovely. great words of wisdom as well!


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