Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What has 8 legs and spins webs???

Yes a spider :) Spent part of the afternoon taking photos...

Elizabeth spotted this

and promptly cleaned it away

And what is Lucy looking at??


And then, as I walked around the garden, I spotted many MANY more webs, so I thought I would take photos of some of them ;)

This morning Lucy and I went to Chickenfeed, Tasmania's big chain discount store (psst Tassie readers did you know they have a loyalty card?? see the website for more!). I was inspired by the video tutorial Lusi has on her blog and wanted to see if I could find some of the bingo markers she used. We found them so this afternoon I had a little play, very cautious play lol, and made this page of Jessica. Wanted to document the winter dress the girls have for school.

We also bought some water colour paints and crayons as I have some ideas rolling around in my head and would need these ummm utensils... ummm tools... ummm things to execute the ideas.

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  1. hey sharmaine! Still doing fabulously well in the project scrap away thing! Congrats - hope you make it all the way!
    love the vegemite layout - they sell it in the uk now - tried it, hate it, sticking with marmite!

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    jeepers...youve got time to take all the phots and cook me tea!!!

    Love you...and yes I did read the uniform layout last night.


  3. ooh gorgeous webs!!! we love them at our house too...especially after it rains & the little raindrops sparkle the web up...absolutely gorgeous

    lovely layout as well...must check out lusi's tutorial...she is a whiz :)



  4. I love your dots!!!

    and your spi-dur pixs!!! speaking of spiders, you must (I'm so demanding, sheesh!!! LOL!) go take a peek at my blog post for Tuesday. #4 just for you. synchronicity abounds!!!

    keep up the good work in PSA!!!


  5. CONGRATULATIONS on winning challenge 10 :-) So exciting for you. :-) Like your vegemite LO, heehee I can't stand the stuff either, but I LOVE marmite! Go figure! All the best for #11 :-)
    Cheers Rachel


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