Monday, July 28, 2008

Much Ado About Monday

I have a feeling I have used this title before... anyways lol

Another busy day which included visits to the fruit shop, library, supermarket, the hospital to see my Great Aunt and of course school x3 trips. Jessica has swimming this afternoon and Dave said she had to sit on the 'naughty step' not once but twice because she wasn't listening and was mucking about... hmmmmm

Finished off my Project Scrap-Away layout today, so it has been emailed in and now I sit and patiently wait till the announcement on Wednesday, wow round 10, amazing!! Thought I would share with you the layout I didn't use for the challenge. It just didn't sit right with me but I finished it off and am happy with it,because it says what I wanted to say, even though it wasn't what I used for the challenge.

In case you wondered, I can't stand vegemite, the bite mark is from Elizabeth as she loves the stuff, ick! Lucy doesn't like it either, Megan and Jessica do as does Dave but he isn't overly excited by it lol. Will share the layout I did send in on Wednesday, after the announcement.

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  1. Congrats on making it to Round 10 Sharmaine!!! Stef is here and we were just talking about Vegemite..hehe
    i grew up having them...err, Yummy?

    wishing you a wonderful week ahead and All The Best with the contest!

  2. congrats on making it this far!!! I'm sure you will make it through again...:)

  3. yay - round 10!

    never tried that vegemite! loving the LO!

  4. Thank you so much for the birthday love on my blog!! :)

  5. Hey thanks for dropping by!!
    I love this layout...especially the stitching around the letters.
    Very nice!!!

  6. My mouth was watering as I read about Vegemite:) I love it but it doesn't love me back.
    Great layout.

  7. Heyyy beaudiful sharmaine !!
    i oh sooo love this bright LO !! and congrats on making Round 10 !!! yayyy go girl !!!
    (and as for the vegemite...eeerk !! i don't fancy it neither you know... well i guess youhave less chance of liking it if you're not australian born huh ??) i prefer my french baguette and pate' hehehe !!!

  8. CONGRATS!! Round 10 thats heaps good! i LOVE this LO!!
    'i come from a land down under.... doo dood dooo doo...'
    hehe i love that song!!
    Love it!!

  9. that vegemite layout is sooo fabulous ..your rock the icon layout !

  10. FINGERS CROSSED FOR YOU!!!!! you are & always will be a star in my book though :)

    love the red on the white w/ those little stitches on the letters...fantastic


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