Friday, July 11, 2008

Yippity Yippity It's Friday

And the weekend is on it's way. Soccer Saturday tomorrow.

Today's sunrise photo(s), couldn't choose one liked them all!!

and it snowed overnight, just not low enough for us to have any but the mountain looked well on it's way to being totally covered :)

I love snow, ran around the house looking out the windows trying to see which hill was white. we saw a car with about 3inches of snow on its back window as we drove to school, brr!!

Speaking of travelling... Dave gave his airline guff to Elizabeth and Lucy.

They enjoyed flying on a plane, that was behind one of the FULL clothes horses

Went in to visit my Great Aunt this morning, with Elizabeth and Lucy after we dropped Megan and Jessica off at school. She has moved into a different outpatients facility and was doing ok but still upset over everything that is happening. Hoping to go see her again tomorrow. Spoke to Dad today, they are still in Alice Springs. The gearbox for the ute had arrived, it was delayed by some silly people forgetting to put it on the plane, but the mechanic isn't happy with it so they were meant to be out of there today but I don't know when it will be now.

Today I finished off the little project I thought of for Challenge #8 at Project Scrap-Away. Will mull over it for a day and see if inspiration strikes again and if not will email it off. Speaking of Scrap-n-Crop's Project Scrap-Away, they have introduced a new part of the project adventure... Blog Immunity!! So what is this? Well it is the opportunity for all those making it through to round #8 to 'earn' immunity. How? Well, by blogging about it I get a point, by me getting 5 people commenting on this post, that's another 2 points AND I get another 2 points for each person who post, on their blog, about me and Project Scrap-Away including links (the url is ) and then posts a comment on the Immunity Post with the link to their post. So do you want to join the fun?? leave a comment here and if you blog about this adventure leave the link to your post as well as Sharmaine's friend in the comments.

Easy peasy :) For me, I am interested to see how many people play :) and in advance, thank you if you choose to help me out, appreciate the time you have taken to a) read my blog, b) comment, c) jumping on over to Project Scrap-Away and d) playing along :) Also noticed there is a little voting thing in the side bar over there so that's something else you can play with while you visit ;)

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  1. go! go! go!
    the painter and mix medium artist in the group ... you get my vote for being different.

  2. well, this immunity twist puts a little more excitement into the challenge, huh!

    go Sharmaine!!!

    off to tell them over a project scrap away how much I think you ROCK!!!

  3. p.s. that's sooo funny, when I was a kid, I pretended the clothes horse was a station wagon and would load all my stuffed toys into the "seats"
    : .)

    the airplane photo is cute!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos!

  5. hey girl!!! I just noticed the birds in the 1st sunrise picture! awesome capture!


    : .)

  6. So much fun! Linked over from Phin! Good luck!

  7. Off to get busy posting & linking! LOL

  8. All blogged & linked:

  9. Oh, Sharmaine, I love those photos!!! I couldn't choose which sunrise I liked best either! And that snow!! just looks so beautiful! Although, I wouldn't want to be that cold!! :) Congrats on making it so far in the Project Scrap!!!! You really deserve it! I'm off to leave a comment over there too!! Enjoy our weekend!!!

  10. Beautiful photos. This seems interesting, off to comment on project scrapaway :0)

  11. Wow! Thos points are starting to mount up I guess!
    You have an award:

  12. Best of Luck and Congrats on making it this far Sharmaine!!!

    love those sunrise shots, ALL of them :D

  13. good luck in PSA , Sharmaine !
    congrats on making it this far :)

    love those snapshots :)

  14. ok...gorgeous photos...GORGEOUS photos

    & off to earn you some immunity :)



  15. Congratulations on getting this far in the comp!!! Do 15 comments qualify you for 3 lots of points?? And do each of the comments have to be from a different person LOL??? Love the girls in their 'plane'. Just proves again, that kids don't need expensive toys...... often they prefer to play with the boxes they come in!

  16. Is it too late to help you?
    Let me know - I'll do a blog post if for you if it means more points, just tell me what to write lol

  17. Wooo Hooo Goooooooooooo Sharmaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lou xxx

  18. That is totally cool. I vote you get immunity!!!


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