Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cookie Brothers....

That is how Lucy says Kookaburras...
Yay Davie Babes is home, was after 10 last night when he arrived, Megan had woken just before so she opened the door for him.
Today Elizabeth was still not 100%. Slightly off her food, which is a big thing for her!, and fragile. Cried when we dropped Megan and Jessica off at school, poor tyke. So we spent the day around home, some of this
Which led to lots of this

Dave brought the girls pressies, 2 tops each and a pair of shoes (Jessica's were too small but thankfully fit Elizabeth) Here is Elizabeth sporting her new t-shirt

and Lucy in her new jumper, with t-shirt underneath

And no I didn't miss out, I got a new bra and some Body Shop bath lotions :) :)

Yesterday the parcel man dropped off my prize from Masculine Scrapbooking so today I played and made this page of Davie Babes

I didn't use paint on this page, it is the paper, it's Kaiser and comes grunged up already :)

The new challenge for Project Scrap-Away is up. You have to use Black and White only and create something that isn't a layout. Have started something but will see how that evolves...

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  1. Oh, how sweet those presents are! I love the first picture you took. Awesome view! I like your layout, too. Girl you are so talented and creative I'm sure the next black and white challenge is going to be awesome! Lol. Have a nice day.

  2. cute:) life + art = fun


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