Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Almost 100 days ago...

I decided that I would do something I have never done before.

12 challenges, 9 layouts, 3 mini albums later it all comes down to the waiting game.

Round 12 for Project Scrap-Away closes tonight and the final three will be announced tomorrow and I have been wanting to share some things with you. Some things that I have learnt and discovered on this little adventure.

I have learnt a lot about others. That there will be people there to support me, that people have faith in my abilities, that people will publicly stand with me in my journey and that I have made some amazing friendships through the course of this journey and it isn't just about pen and paper or even this contest. It is about connecting, relating and sharing and I thank YOU for being part of this with me. Even if you have never commented on my blog but have been reading along, and I know there are quite a few of you (hehehe), I do want to thank you. Why? because each step I have shared I have shared with you. You might not have felt that but I have put myself out there and you've read it, so guess what?! You are a part of this journey. So please come out of the hiding and say hello, I promise I won't bite!!

I also want to thank those that have spoken out their support and I am going to name them, because each of them mean a lot to me. I want to thank Allison, Beverley, Rhi, Kristina, Mel, Gigi, Kimberly, Flo, MargS, Feli, Linda, Patricia, Mimi, MadRetz, Sandra, Elliemook, Louise, Gail, Carolyn, Annemarie, Jane, Penelopeg, Ed, Deedah, Veronica, Debra, June, Elizabeth and Aimee. You have all left comments, blog, talked, shared, emailed or just been there and to you I say THANK YOU and send a big BIG hug! Because of you I have dug in when it hurt, I have created when I was ready to give up and because of you I am here at round 12, awaiting tomorrows news. I am pretty sure I have mentioned everyone, but forgive me if I missed you. I am also grateful to Val, Serene and the team at Scrap-n-Crop for taking the plunge and hosting such an amazing contest. Thankful for the time they have taken to organise the event and for the amazing array of judges they have put together. Also thankful to Rhonna and Teresa for the time they have taken to judge the rounds each week and their inspiring comments.

I have learnt a lot about myself too. I have learnt that I can't create when I have nothing to say, I can't create just because, I have to have a story to share, a reason for creating and this all boils down to the fact that I have to be real. I knew this about me but I didn't know it was also true in scrapping. I have also learnt that I have a creative process... ME a creative process!! Amazing lol but yes I have found that I need to go through a process. Sometimes it is to just pounce on an idea and create it, other times it is to spit out many ideas before one comes that feels 'righter' than the others. Sometimes I don't see it till later, other times it's just hits me in the head with a thump (an echoing thump lol). I have learnt that I create because I have a story only I can tell and that can't be forced. I can't create when I am tired or not in the mood. This journey has reinforced that I love to share what I have created, love to share my story and love to inspire others to create. It has shown me that I don't create for someone else, I create for me, sorry lol but it's true. I am happy to share what I have created and love to do this but when it comes to making something I haven't coped well with restrictions or not having something to say. I am thankful that those near me have been supportive and had confidence in me to help me break through this self doubt and I have found ways to make the challenges my own and see past the restrictions.
Ok so there you go, this is my journey and I am thankful for it :) I encourage you to step out on a new adventure and see where it takes you and what you learn about yourself and others!

Right-o on to the more colourful part of why I blog lol

Photos from today firstly
The sunrise this morning was amazing, don't be tricked into thinking it was going to be a glorious day, we had rain about half an hour after I took these photos and there was hail in the afternoon!

Lucy has had a croaky voice and spent most of the day lying on a chair with a blanket :)

Elizabeth had another fun day at Kindergarten. They had a visit from a Snake Lady and Elizabeth was brave and touched one, I asked her to so she could tell me what it felt like. This afternoon she played picnics while Lucy watched telly.

and here she is trying to catch some hail, see it in her hair??

and after this rather long post I will leave you with the three pages that I made for round 12, but didn't use. The challenge was to use your old stash, so this page I took a piece of DaisyD paper and used a piece of magic mesh as a mask to paint white and then the blue. Then I doodled the circles. I used Heidi Swapp ghost letters that I painted, I also used old BG paper to make the flowers, covered the clear buttons with old rubons, and then used ittybitty stickers for the petals, liked this idea so used it again (see below)

had fun with glimmer mist on these next two and a Heidi Swapp mask I had used once when I first got it. Used old stickers for the title mask too.

So there you go, the waiting continues and I will post tomorrow with the page I did use for round 12 and hopefully the results. Thanks for reading!!!!

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  1. You're awesome :)
    What a fabulous post and I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrow too,

  2. i will forever be more of a lurker than a talker. sorry my dear.
    its amazing what you have discovered. physical energy levels definitely effect my creating too. and most definitely having something to say.
    that is why your work is so good though, because its honest and worthwhile :)

  3. SHARMAINE - baby, those alpha flowers completely ROCK my love!! I have been cheering your progress from afar sweetie, loving watching every step you have taken, your pages always have so much energy and whimsy - they are like a tactile visual magic to me!!!!
    GO SHARMAINE GO!! I am cheering you on ALL THE WAY!
    Lee :) :) :) :)

  4. ok Im comming out of lurking:)
    sorry but I dont tend to comment as much as I do visit /read blogs-lol
    just love what you do!!!!
    good luck!!!!

  5. Like your LO's there. Looking forward to seeing what you submitted :-)

    All the best :-)

  6. THis is such a sweet and wonderful post. You are welcome! :)
    Try to remember that people support you because of the person you are and the amazing talent that you are willing to share. Thanks for including us in your journey! :):)
    Good luck!

  7. Hi Sharmaine! Been missing you over at SiS so I thought I would check out your blog - didn't know you were doing the contest! Your work has always inspired me! Adding you to my fave blogs!


  8. ooh, so excited for you! i can't wait to hear the news either!!

  9. Jenny Brown8:06 AM

    Here's another lurker, that checks your blog everyday to see your amazing creations and to see what your gorgeous family have been up to.
    Looking forward to hearing the good news today.... but either way you should be proud of yourself for getting this far because we all are. :-)
    oh and I love the movie of girls synchronised diving. I can see some future Olypians there.
    Love and Hugs Jenny

  10. Oh, WOW!!! Thank you for thanking me!! And thank you for sharing!!! I have to say Amen to everything you said!!! That is what this creative process is all about!!! And I love that first photo of the day...gorgeous!!! I hope the girls stay heathy and don't get to feeling any worse from all that hail and bad weather. Don't you love working with old stuff?! You rocked it for sure!!!! I'll be checking back...can't wait!!!!

  11. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Hi Sharmaine,
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog :)

    Loved your heartfelt post and all the very best with the challenges - hope you win!

    xx Miriam

  12. fingers,toes, eyes lol all crossed....
    you have an amazing talent :)go you for putting yourself out there!!!
    your a winner regardless

    deb :)

    You're the strangest person I ever met, she said & I said you too & we decided we'd know each other a long time.
    brian andreas

  13. Your journey has been inspiring! Thank you!! Love your style and that it is so real. All the best for this last challenge- can't wait to hear how it goes.

  14. Sharmaine, im so excited for you.:)

  15. You know something!? You have taught me something WAY before this contest/challenge began....you make lart from your soul, YOU have one of the most generous and kindest soul AND your art shows all the love you have for ART & your family.
    SO, even if you don't win....you are #1 in my book. *here's wishing you do!!*

    I love that about you. Keep rocking like you always do!


  16. MargS6:00 PM

    Your words of wisdom & heartfelt truth, inspire everyone who reads them. Sharing your thoughts & your journey with us all, is very special, but not as special as discovering things about yourself along the way. Congratulations on a your wonderful & exciting journey....... it's been so worthwhile ..... regardless of the outcome. Hugs & Best Wishes ;-)


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