Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well blow me down and then give me a Nanna nap...

Guess what??!!!!

This is what greeted me on the Project Scrap-Away blog this morning:

"CHALLEGE 12 - Delayed Results
Just a quick note to let you gals know, there will be a slight delay in the announcement of the results for CHALLENGE 12 as I am away for a conference and cant get to blogging.
HOWEVER, AGAIN, we are pleased to announce that there will be no elimination for this round!!!! YIPPEEEE.....we'll tell you why when you get your ain't this exciting?"

WOW!! You know what that means??!!! Yep I made it through to this final stage! Now I am not 100% on the last bit but I think what happens is that all the work that the final 3 have submitted over the course of the contest will be shown to the amazing array of judges, see the sidebar on the PSA blog for names, and then they pick who is winner. Now if this is not right I will get back to you with what the real finale is but if that is correct I AM THRILLED BEYOND THRILLED!! I mean, to have these amazing people all look at your work, ALL those amazing people, ALL at once.... I can't think of anything else that would allow such an opportunity!! That is just thrilling! Just absolute bananas in pyjamas, too cool, amazing... I could go on but I hope you get it lol I am so happy to be a part of the final three and now we just await the Round 12 winner announcement and then, if I am right, two weeks and the overall winner will be announced, AMAZING!!
***Edited to add - Ok so I just reread the rules and it is:
"3 finalists who will show their own line of projects from the entire competition including the grand challenge on our website on Week 13 of the competition. For the final challenge, participants will be given 2 weeks to complete their project."
So there is one more challenge to go, oh my lol, exciting!!***

Ok so my page for round 12 is

I used the oldest pattern paper I had, which was a piece of Crate, I used Heidi Swapp mask that I had from the very first Tariosta kit and had used once, I used Heidi Swapp ghost letters and chipboard brackets that I covered with wood grain contact.

Journaling "Without a sandpit this is the next best thing! You love to dig castles in the garden. Funny because you don’t like getting dirty.”

Today has been a busy day, went in to see my Great Aunt and before and after that I decided to clean my scrap stuff/area, which is what you do while you wait for big announcements right??!

So this is the sewing table area, all clean again.

have moved things around a little, putting things in front of me on the scrap table instead of away. Still have to tidy more of that up so that's on tomorrows list with the grocery shopping ;)

A while back Linda, aka Phinner, and I did an art swap. She sent me hers with some frames and I finally put them together today and have hung it in the lounge room. Will see how it goes there, being little people with little fingers like to touch and this hangs down low enough for them to do this lol but I love LOVE love it

Close up of one of the pieces, isn't she clever!

Also have to show you who has come to live at our house... Meet Peg Bear Rhyme

Funky Finds is an amazing blog, full of delightful links to independent artists, crafters and designers from around the world. Jessica, the blog owner, has giveaways every month and last month and I was one of the many winners for July. There is a huge list of sponsors for each month and I was thrilled to win the prize from One Red Robin. So this little fellow was born in Australia, travelled to the US before coming back home to Australia to live, thats cool!!! So make sure you check our Funky Finds, not just to enter the monthly giveaway but to see all the amazingly creative people featured there!

And now I will leave you with this little note that Jessica gave me, or should I say one of my kids gave me....

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  1. Like I said I do really like your LO you submitted. Love that colour of that mist :-) Think I might need to get me some of that! LOL.

    What a cool wall hanging alright. Awesome. And the teddy is cute.

    Go you for tidying your space. I so badly need to do that too.

    And that letter is just so precious :-) You will have to save that (and scrap it!).

    All the best.

  2. Anonymous8:20 PM

    well done for round 12, and that note is just too cute [definitely a scrap]
    Love Gail

  3. 1) ohmy!!! I'm so excited for you!!! I'm also anxious to find out how it all pans out...waiting!!!
    2)gorgeous!!! love the masking and the turquoise and brown together!!! and I think I need to play in the dirt too!
    3)ahhh! clean work space!
    4) hee!!!
    5)I feel a traveling bear story coming, I meant that you should write it! LOL!
    6) giggle, giggle...the best way to start my day!!! this needs to be put in a LO!

  4. that note from jessica is priceless! absolutely priceless!

    & love how you used the daisy mask on your layout...congrats on making the final round!!! ooh you must be estatic!!! so happy for you my dear...have fun working on your next project, i'm positive it will be spectacular :)



  5. great news about round 12 all the best for the grand finale :D

  6. Lots of good stuff here!!! That LO is amazing!!! Love how you can add freshness to older products. Linda is amazing!!! She made that??!!! I love it!!!!! I really love her style. That note is just sooo adorable too!!!


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