Thursday, August 07, 2008

Friends, sun and my love.

Blogging a little later than usual tonight as we had a visit from an online friend who is over touring our state. Deb and her hubby Ian came for dinner and it was lovely to finally meet them, thanks Deb!!

Took some photos of the sunrise this morning, and again I couldn't choose which one to share so here are 4 :)

Finally completed my One Little Word page today. The word was Be and it stumped me for a while! I kept thinking of things to scrap, like Be True, Be Ready, Be Open... Yep lots of thoughts were floating about and that stops me from scrapping. I found it hard to narrow it down and just scrap. So today I thought RIGHT I am going to do this, so I went through my photos and as soon as I saw this photo of Dave I knew what I wanted to do.

Still no announcements over at Project Scrap-Away but don't forget the mini challenge you can enter and you can win a prize by making the right guess here :)
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  1. Like your LO - where's the paint??? :-) LOL Great sunrise pics as usual.

    Roll on with the announcements all right! :-)

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  3. ok...had to come back & amend my comment b/c i don't think i've had enough coffee! i had thought at first that that red pp on your layout was floral! duh!!! it's circles!!! now i like it even better!!! love the motion & color that gives your title/journaling energy...great l/o sweetie :)

    & i love those sunrise shots...make me want to get up earlier...altho i need to have a pot of coffee :)



  4. Love your layout and your mini album! it is fantastic! and thanks so much for your comments on my blog.xx

  5. Oh, please post right away about Project Scrap-Away! I'm so excited for you! Oh, Sharmaine, those photos are gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!!! I love that Sassafrass blinkie...had to get me one too!!!

  6. I love this, great colours and a gorgeous photo!!

  7. Gorgeous layout!



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