Thursday, August 21, 2008

I dream of unbroken sleep

I think my body is telling me something... I have eczema that has come up on my elbow pit (what do you call the bendy side of your elbow??), I haven't had eczema for a long time and only ever got it when I was stressed, and I have had headaches on and off this week, I hardly ever get headaches and when I do its usually because I need to up my water levels and that hasn't been the case this week, sigh. Then tonight I had a sneeze attack and think I am succumbing to the cold virus that is making its rounds, sighx2 lol.

So today I dropped Megan and Jessica off at school and then Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to Mum and Dad's. We left from there to go to the church where the funeral service was being held. It was at the church that Dad used to attend when he was little, with his Mum. It rained through the service, which was taken by the Greek Orthodox priest, as my Aunt was from Cypress and my Uncle had later been baptised in the Greek Orthodox church. We then went to the graveside, right next to the church, where my Grandparents are buried and one of Dad's sisters who did when she was 17 months old. Elizabeth had a little laugh when the priest threw a china bowl in the hole on to the coffin and later told me the best bit of the day was the last bit, when we got to eat ;) We got satisfactorily wet and muddy before coming back to Mum and Dad's and then home, just after Dave, who had picked up the girls from school.
Took some photos today, so now I have them :)

Lucy begged to be in a photo and then went off dancing and singing 'Mummy took my photo, Mummy took my photo'. Thankfully this was after everyone had left ;)
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  1. Sorry for your loss Sharmaine. :(

    Sounds like you need to take a moment or 2, kick back and chill while listening to your play list. Drink your water, get some rest and just sit with yourself, if even for only 20 mins. you need it! :)

    BTW, I really enjoyed the photos of the cemetary markers, they are so beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen here in the States.


  2. So sorry to hear that your Aunt passed, Sharmaine. The pictures are lovely though and the music inspires and reminds me of the same of my loved ones...they are not dead, just continuing with life with the Lord.

    Take care of yourself. My headaches have been really bad because of my sinuses. Especially need lots of TLC!


  3. Oh, I'm so sorry, read down your blog and saw it was your Uncle...I just automatically thought of your sorry.

  4. hope you feel much better - really soon...

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    hey boofhead,big hug for you. your site and the love you show is beautyfull xxxx opa. kiss the dollops for me


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