Friday, August 22, 2008

Bear with me

as I don't know what I am going to blog about....
Friday Friday Friday!!!
Soccer Saturday tomorrow!!!
I might write a poem...

I had a thought,
there in my head,
I just didn't know
how to put it to bed.
So I sat and I wrote,
until it became plain,
that the thought in my head
was driving me insane.
So I held on to my sanity
and decided to stop
and that thought in my head
well it just went pop.

Right... so moving on lol
Don't forget to enter the RAK, at the bottom of the post HERE, as I am still working on my Project Scrap-Away projects and I can give you a hint, no one has guessed it yet but some are mighty close :)
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  1. I have been looking for your email everywhere! Then it dawned on me that I could leave you a comment here!

    I MISS YOU!!!!!! I miss your inspiration and your paint and the sweet person you are!!!

    Please get in touch with me cause I miss you!!

    Tracinicole :)

  2. hope your saturday was a betetr day :)

  3. i really like your fact, you put into words just how my head works at times :)

    love it when the worry goes pop :)




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