Friday, August 15, 2008

One of those days...

See the gorgeous rainbow from this morning???

You would think that the other end was somewhere where great things happened today??

Yes that is our house...


Lucy got growled at by my Great Aunt, who we were visiting.

I forgot to put the washing on the clothes horses until it was time to go get Megan and Jessica from school. And this is me who HAS to have it done first thing!!

Elizabeth has been visited by some creepy crawlies. She is the one kid that doesn't cope well with having her hair brushed, yes those types of creepy crawlies grrr, and after combing her hair for half an hour, having her scream for half an hour we filled a tissue with the blighters and now she is all dosed up with the AMAZING lotion and will be nit free tomorrow. You scratching your head yet HUH??!!!

On the way to school, Elizabeth asks "whats that noise", I reply "Its a jackhammer" then in jumps Lucy with her starting-to-grate-on-my-nerves-croaky-but-more-squeaky-voice "no it's not, its a builder in the swimming pool"

Coming up to the traffic light, it turns red. Elizabeth exclaims "bad traffic light"

Hmmmm!!!! Megan's soccer game for tomorrow has been cancelled due to the weather, Dave is a night game so here is hoping for a sleep in and a nice day with everyone.... HUH??!!

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  1. Allison8:05 PM


  2. props to you, Girl on your advancement in PSA!!! whoo whee!!!

    I love that word, "blighters!" I'm gonna start using it, but it won't sound as cool in my California accent! haha!!!

    nits, ewwww. so sorry E!

    here's to sleeping in!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Having been there with a child who had waist length hair at four years old!!!! I have a product you should try called Hair Clean 1-2-3. It is natural and it worked better than the ones with Permethrin and less toxic for the children. It also smells like licorice.

    Hope you won't have to worry about it but if you do...this works.

  4. Oh!!!! And great rainbows and congratulations on the PSA advancement. I can only guess how excited you must be.


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