Monday, August 25, 2008


I knew she was thinking of me lol

Last night she rang from England. They were off for a little holiday, to celebrate their first anniversary and she rang to say she had been going to ring but when she could it was late here etc and she would ring when they got back. LOVE YA Bron :)

Also had a surprise visitor to my blog,
hello Opa :) Dave's Dad left a little comment and it made me smile... no actually it made me grin lol

This little rabbit

has been driving me insane lately, well ok I will be honest I was already insane but... lol. Lately she has had a thing for changing clothes. It won't be once or twice a day it will be several times and when Dave brought home some hand-me-downs from a fella from work, well this

became something that had to be put on and taken off and put on and taken off a thousand times a day and if she doesn't get to wear it she gets cranky and often uses her favourite line right now, which is "I DON'T CARE!!!", sigh... She is a right little Miss and loves to push the boundary just to see if it will budge, sadly, for her, the boundary is tried and true and won't be moving lol It is a tiring process being three, tiring for Mum's that is lol

Jessica came home from swimming to declare that next week she gets to swim in the big pool. Is the last lesson for the term so it will be testing time to see if she moves up a group or not. We are packing our bathers, for our trip to Grandma's, so hoping the weather is kind and Megan and Jessica get to show off their swim skills to Grandma. Only 13 sleeps to go Grandma!! Hope you've warned the neighbours lol

Dave had his performance review at work today. He said it went well, time will tell as to what they, as in the powers that be, brought out of it :) Dave has a soccer game tomorrow night, one that got cancelled last weekend, I hope it isn't too cold and wet tomorrow. Been a sunny day today but that is MEANT to change, so the weatherman said lol

Elizabeth has speech therapy after kinder tomorrow, going to make sandwiches for her to eat in the car as we drive to the 'big school', otherwise she would complain the whole time about being hungry lol. She is doing well, with her 'f' sound being used without too much thought or encouragement. It's been great to see/hear improvements but we know we have a lot more to go.

Megan came home today telling me she can play Rockin' Robin on the recorder now!! She has also come quite a way with her recorder this year and loves it, which makes me love it too lol. She is changing, seemingly overnight *sigh*, and growing up so fast, even Dad said that the 2 months or so, that they had been away, Megan has matured and grown the most. She is my baby no more :(

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  1. Hi Sharmaine! Just thought I would say Hi! back :). Wow, your kids are growing fast. Sorry I've been really slack on SIS lately, hope to get into the swing of things and comment on your lovely layouts again soon! Hope you're having a fab day. Take care, Sylvia

  2. grandma9:23 AM

    only 12 sleeps to go now!!!!! can't wait

  3. Overdue for a comment.......... HUGE CONGRATS on making final 3. I'll keep everything crossed for you!!
    Sorry about your Uncle. The name Woolley is unusual- I went to school with a June Woolley, & her Dad was Allan ......... probably distant relations!
    Love the recent layouts & photos, & stories. 2 hours from Hobart to Launceston! That was a good trip!
    Hope everyone is close to healthy again & hope your themed projects come together the way you want.I'm guessing your theme will be along the lines of "bloom & grow"(with all its interpretations lol) Have a gr8 week.

  4. ooh what a gorgeous little skirt for that quick change artist :)

    & good luck jessica!! kelly has a parcel to be sent to you sitting here waiting for me to take it to the post office...can't wait to hear all about your visit to your grandmoms :)




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