Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Sunshine

will let the photos do the talking. Here is part of our Sunday in the sunshine :)

Hope your Sunday was glorious too :)
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  1. looks like a great ordinary family day
    we had a nice day too
    bbq at the park
    didnt take the camera

  2. Wonderful photogs!! Thanks for sharing these lovelys ~:O) Made me smile! (((((((hugs)))))))

  3. Those pics are sooo sweet. Especially the one of you and your hubby. Can't wait to see it scrapped. :):)

  4. OMG how cute!!!!!!!

  5. grandma10:00 AM

    love the photos, thank you so much for sharing them

  6. no rain at your place??
    its being like the wetlands here in NZ!!
    great pics + looks like a fab kind of day too.....except the rainy bits!!
    great going with the comp!!
    watching + loving all your creations!!

  7. I love them all so much!the kiss picture is sooo real!

  8. oh what great fun! I'm so glad you guys had a fun weekend.
    love the photos, esp. the kissy kiss one!

  9. Love your glorious Sunday sunshiny photos Sharmaine. I especially love the vintage-look ones of Lucy- soooooo beautiful. I could go nuts scrapping one of those! I would so love having a little girl to take photos of LOL. And thanks for the Playlist- love most of them- well chosen!!!!!

  10. I snuck over to see if there was any news, and scrolled down a blog faster than I can keep up!! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous and precious!!! I love the effects on the few that you did. They are just so perfect...all of them!!! Can't believe I missed these!!


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