Saturday, August 02, 2008

Zippity Doo Da Zippity Aye

This post is for the love of all things Saturday, apart from soccer which only Dave and Megan went to today, Elizabeth and I have colds and with a 9am game I opted to stay home with the other 3 girls. So here are some of the things that a typical Saturday brings

Sunrises, of course, and this mornings was gorgeous

Dress ups!!

Elizabeth 'twirling' in the kitchen

Before lunch we had a trip to the supermarket and while we were there Jessica spent some of her birthday/pocket money and bought herself her very first beanie kid.

I made this quick page today, I feel like it has been ages since I scrapped which is weird because it hasn't... anyways, I made this page

I find photos without stories hard to scrap so I was pleased with this one.
And what did Megan get up to while her sisters where dressing up??

She got camera shy but Saturdays she likes to do this

sit in front of the telly. Which prompted me to make this page

And just for the record, Megan's team lost their soccer game 7-0 or something, even though her team score 2 goals...yep for the other team lol and Dave's team won 3-0 :)

So that's the Saturday round up :)

PS if you head over to Scrap-N-Crop's Project Scrap-Away blog there is a new spin off in the competition for people to join in and win and don't for get their on going Mini Challenge, there is a new clue up now and prizes to win!!!

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  1. Hello Sharmaine, how are you? :)
    love all those photos & layouts!
    have a great weekend!"wink".

  2. Welll done on your kid's team to score so well !! Nicky is playing too the worst player of all...but i think he has fun...that's the most important isnt' it ??
    and thankyou soo much for participating to Bev thing on my blog :)
    Loooove those LOs of yours...always so nice and so bright :)


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