Thursday, September 04, 2008

About to go get my haircut

cos I found out the hairdresser is open Thursday nights.
But despite the days being busy, here is the list Megan wrote for me in the car to school yesterday

I just had to blog to tell you that the Project Scrap-Away winner announcement has been made, go check it out here. I won't tell you the result, so you go look :) Will post again tomorrow night as I am out of time now.

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  1. That list is so cute! and what a lovely picture!!

  2. ohh..what a cute list! what is number 2??? hehe...

    Congrats on making it to their Resident DT for future projects Sharmaine!!!

    can't wait to see your new do ;)

  3. congratulations Sharmaine on being chosen as a Resident DT for future projects :)
    all your entries were totally awesome and what a great achievement to be there right till the end!

  4. lol Ed, no.2 was meant to read Vinnies, which is the op shop. We had boxes of clothes to drop off.

  5. Go you on a haircut :-)
    Congrats too on the DT position. So cool. Look forward to seeing your creations for that :-)
    Love the list ... so helpful! LOL


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