Friday, September 05, 2008

Congrats to Sonja

what an amazing ride Project Scrap-Away has been! Well done to Sonja for winning, congrats also to Rachel for doing a marvellous job and to both for making it to the end as well! Well done to the Scrap-n-Crop team for the wonderful competition and the amazing inspiration each week and a big thank you for allowing me to be a part of the journey. Also thanks to the judges who were so amazing and gracious in their comments and I just have to note down, on my blog what they had to say.

From Carrie Postma Owner & Designer, Paper Trunk
"What I loved about Sharmaine's "Home" projects is that she chose to alter items to display throughout her home. The recycled frame was a fantastic idea and will make a darling statement in her home. She used various items in her projects that are inspiring and shows you can scrap out of the box!"

"I loved Sharmaine's Challenge, so beautiful!"

From Becky Higgins Creating Keepsakes
"Super whimsical and fun. You can tell Sharmaine loves to play with product. I totally dig the home theme that she went for with her grand final entry, since that's one of my personal favorite subjects."

From Jenni Bowlin
"What a fun and funky style!! Made me happy just looking at everything. I liked the home theme- so much you could do with that. I loved the short story mini album!! I always say that in 50 years they can look at a photo and see that it was Christmas and they got a new bike, but it's this type of journaling (as in the mini book idea) that will be cherished and is the best gift you can give!"

"I find Sharmaine's work to be so freestyle and fun. I love her work and her use of techniques. She is a gifted artist. I enjoyed her projects very much. I loved her painted artwork- inspiring!!!!"
From Dominique Quintal Présidente Rose Moka Design
"Beautiful with is bright colours. Like a magic sunny day!"
Isn't that so amazing!!! Those words were written about my work!!! ME!?!!?!!! Yep I am pinching myself!!! Just amazing!!!
Now bringing myself down to Earth for a minute, lol. Today I found more of the icky blighters but in Lucy's hair this time and then to make it worse the poor tyke has a cold, snotty nose, cough the works AND has conjunctivitis! So we had a trip to the doctors today and now have some drops for her eyes and a script for some antibiotics if we need them while we are away. So now hoping that is the end of all the bugs and we can have a sickfree/licefree/coldfree time at Grandma's. I mean last year was the works so shouldn't this time be free of all that yucky stuff?? HUH?!! !!
The sun has been shining brightly the last few days so we have been outside lots, when we have been home(!!). Elizabeth and Lucy keep asking to do this

So we have lol. Wednesday night I started putting together the journal that I bought from Freckled Nest and yesterday I finally finished it AND I LOVE IT!!
Thank you Leigh-Ann!! I love the New Kits On The Block that she has on sale now, alas not buying just drooling!!!
I am over the moon that I can tell you some news... Suzie from Love Scrappin' has chosen lil' ol' me to be part of her Design team!! I am so so so happy and have already had some goodies sent to me to play with! Here is what I made with the yummy Pink Paislee papers and some Buzz and Bloom chipboard

Can't wait for the site to go live and see everything in action, but if you can't CAN'T wait you can go visit Suzie's blog and purchase that way. Lots of yummy things and at a great price!!
The haircut... Hmmm Short would be the first word that springs to mind.. SHORT!!! I just sit there and let the hairdresser have her way with me and I think she did this time lol I am hoping it, excuse the pun, grows on me cos I ain't feeling it right now lol
Yup... short!! Which this post isn't so I will leave you with another photo of apricot blossom, just for you Grandma :) 2 sleeps to go!!!

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  1. I love the beautiful first blossoms of spring. So inspiring so new.

  2. Welcome to Love Scrappin'I'm so happy to have you part of our DT team..well done on the LO's there awesome!!

  3. it looks so great Sharmaine!! good job! :)

  4. O Sharmaine, so happy about all those TRUE and great things the ladies said about you. FAME well-deserved... You did SO Well! And the DT is cool too. You are an inspiration. travel safely & enjoy the break.
    all the best,

  5. You deserve all those wonderful words!! You are an inspiration and an amazing scrapper.....:)

  6. Wow, Sharmaine, I thought you had it for sure. But congrats on a very obvious 2nd place-you rock, Girl!

  7. What beautiful LO's Sharmaine. Love what you have done created.

    Oh I hope the colds and bugs are all gone real quick. When are you off on holiday? This weekend? Hope you have a fantastic time away and it's relaxing.

    Congrats too on the DT position at Love Scrappin'. Awesome :-)

  8. awww, how wonderful! every comment was so true! you're so talented!

  9. grandma10:31 AM

    see you tomorrow and tell Lucy to leave all the coughs and colds and others things in Tassie!!!!! Looking forward to seeing the new hair cut in "person" Have a safe trip

  10. Yah for you gorgeous girl!!!!

    Very kewl.

  11. MargS1:45 PM

    So cool about the Design Team!! Congrats!! And what about those 'celebrity' comments- way to go girl!! Super well done all round!!
    Hope your holiday is WONDERFUL! Enjoy!

  12. oh maaaaaan Sharmaine !! have i missed all the fun for you there ?? did you finally made it to the DT ?? wooohoooo oh maaaan !! and isn't it aweeeesome to have comments from the 'big crowd' like Rhonna farrer ect...and all the rest !! wooohooo you must be soooo excited :) well done girl !!
    oh and your LOs as well.... amaaazing !! love them :)

  13. You are one classy lady! I love the short hair and you will love it in the summer time.

    Congratulations on the DT over at the
    Love Scrappin site.

    You and your work deserved all the kudos that you got from the scrap celebs over at Project Scrap-Away. I love that you always stay true to you and your art is so cool. You totally rock!

    btw- apricots are my favorite fruit. the blossoms are so beautiful.

  14. congrats on the new DT position! i love what you did with that pink colorful & energizing!

    & what amazing comments from those huge names in the industry!! but you deserve it girlie!!!! AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh & i love the short hair..i know i'm short hair prejudiced...but i love it :)


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