Saturday, September 20, 2008

A night night and a chocolate icecream

Yesterday was a rather full day! After the Dr appointment, Elizabeth and I tackled the grocery shopping. This also had to include a stop in at the chemist, to get some antibiotics, the Dr had checked Elizabeth's ears and said there was still some fluid and inflammation on one side, from the cold she had a few weeks back, so when we finish this course of antibiotics we have to go back and get the ears checked again and then will see what happens after that. Elizabeth and I got home in time for lunch and found that Dave had mowed the lawns and then filled the lounge room with Thomas sets. The girls were having fun playing trains and then after lunch we spent the afternoon outside, enjoying the sunshine and weeding! Hoping to get some seed this week and plant some peas and corn.

After dinner we decided to have a 'night night', a tradition from Dave's family, and, after a trip to the video shop, the girls watched Meet the Robinson's and Hoodwinked while eating popcorn, cheezels and lollies.

Today we drove around checking out garage sales but then it started to rain so we took the girls to the movies. Glad we went today because they had a 'family day' on which meant we could buy a family ticket, which was half the normal ticket price for all of us. We went and saw Wall-E and the girls loved it. It was the first time Elizabeth and Lucy had been to the movies and they both did really well. I think the popcorn, coke and icecream helped lol and, as you can see, Elizabeth loved her chocolate icecream!!

I made a mini album, tonight, using the photos from the Zoo. It was a really quick and simple on and I will take photos tomorrow so I can share it with you but for now here are some more holiday snaps taken at the mini golf centre.

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  1. You guys have been busy since you have been back! And more great photos. LOL at the pic of you heehee ... which one are you? Like your hair cut ... can actually see it in that pic :-)
    And you have made a mini album already ... wow you are on fire! Look forward to seeing it.


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