Sunday, September 21, 2008

What better way to end the holidays than...

with some scrapping?!

So that is what the girls did this afternoon. I had printed them off a page each, from when we went mini golfing with Grandma, and they each made a page. They then scrapped another page with photos my sister took, last year. She, and Mum, had taken them to Zoo Doo, a wildlife park, while Dave and I were in Sydney in November. The photos have been sitting here waiting for them to scrap. Megan also made a page about reading to Grandma. What I loved about today was that Elizabeth found each of the letter stickers herself.

Made me proud to see that! Megan and Jessica made their own pages completely by themselves

while Elizabeth and Lucy only had help when needed, ie: spelling the words out for Elizabeth or showing Lucy which letters to use.

I love that Megan and Jessica did their own journaling, spelling mistakes and all, as its just another thing to look back on.

Here are Lucy's layouts



and Jessica's.

Megan wore her new jacket to Church this morning, I think she likes it lol

and as promised here is the mini album I made about our trip to the zoo. I used a 4x4 album from Bella!. I saw it while we were away and just had to get it. Love the feel of it, the cover is just brown paper but it is padded and feels delish. I was going to paint on the cover but love the brown paper look and so left it plain. The album was quick to put together. I used Urban Lily papers that I had but had no idea how I would ever use. So I just jumped right in and cut them into 4x4 and just stuck the photos down, no umming, 'just did it'! So here it is with just a few of the inside pages.

I started playing with my blog template this afternoon but reverted it back because it all seemed too hard and time consuming, and time isn't something I have had a lot of, so it's a dream that goes back on the back burner again lol. Back to school for my school girls tomorrow, wonder what Lucy and I will do to fill our morning...
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  1. Well, you have certainly been busy on your blog since the megaposting of photos of the zoo. I love that your girls love to scrap with you. And isn't wonderful to see how independent they have become. It means that you will be able to have more of those moments more easily. That's special. Thanks for Sharing.

  2. I love that little 4x4 album so much! I had to google it to find out where I could purchase it as soon as my Stash Diet is over. :)

  3. ohhh how adorable are their layouts! and your album is amazing Sharmaine! Thanks for the love, dear!

  4. Thanks so much for your birthday wished! You're so sweet.
    I love your work. And blog is stunning! Love x

  5. i meant "birthday wishes" and not "wished". duh! Frenchie me! ha

  6. The girls projects are awesome! The zoo looks like a ton of fun.

    Such a cute mini!

  7. What great pages your girls made :-) Very cool.
    Like your mini album too. Simple is good ... means you get it done aye.

  8. What a great way to end your holiday indeed. How fun!

    All of the layouts are great. The girls did a fantastic job and I love your mini.Sandra

  9. how great are those layouts..well done girls!!That album looks fantastic.

  10. Hi Sharmaine,
    Wow loving your update. Awesome display of your artsy and family art time....Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing ♥

    Rose Ann


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