Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stay At Home Sunday

Today we had all intentions of going to Church but last night we found some lovely head lice on Lucy, which were quickly dealt with, and then this morning I stayed in bed till 8 and Dave made us all pancakes and then the phone rang... you can see where the day was heading and it wasn't to church!
My youngest brother is getting married, early January, in Western Australia and Mum rang to ask me to book the plane tickets. So I spent the morning on the phone with her and Dad before booking flights and a hire car for the three of us. The wedding is on the 3rd but because of the distance we will fly in the day before and then do the 4hour drive from Perth to Geraldton and because it is the height of the raspberry season, Mum and Dad have acres of small fruit,that they pick themselves and sell at a roadside stall, we fly back home on the 4th, which means we will drive to the airport first thing in the morning to catch our midday flight. Anyways all booked now, as is another exciting trip... Dave has to go to New Zealand next month, for work, and Friday we paid for my ticket so I get to go too!! It will only be for 4 days, I'm not counting the Wednesday that we fly out as we arrive in NZ at midnight.....!!!! But I am a tad excited about having 'our' first overseas trip together. Going to Wellington so that is exciting for me as I have only been to the South of the South island and I know the North Island is vastly different. The girls have 2 days off school, which are show day and a student free day, so it works out well and they will get to have a holiday at Mum and Dad's.
Today we spent time around home, mostly vegging, which I think we all needed, and then this afternoon we all went and did the grocery/butcher/fruit 'n' veg shopping. I scrapped this page, over the day, of our trip to the science works museum.

I used a piece of KI lace paper, sanded it and then sprayed it with Suede glimmer mist. I then used Jazz Blue glimmer mist on the reverse (white) side and tore off a section which I used in the right corner.
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  1. Hi Sharmaine - your new look blog is super!

  2. Ohhh thats really awesome! Love that pic!

  3. Just gorgeous!! Sorry, I have been a little lax in commenting. Glad you had fun on your vacation and good to see you back and posting again. :)

  4. love the new look..Looks fantastic!!Another great layout very funky ..

  5. Hi Sharmaine!
    I have been to NZ a couple of times, driving around both north and south island for 3 weeks and found it the most beautiful, unspoilt place you could possibly visit.
    There is hardly any traffic on the roads and this time of year is perfect weatherwise.

    Best wishes

    PS I also love your new blog layout.

  6. Sharmaine,love your new header!
    awesome layout

  7. Hey sweetie, love your new look. Sorry I've been MIA from blogland. :)

  8. Oh Wedding are so much fun, but hectic, too. lol. I also like to say that I really love that layout! Very cool.


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