Monday, September 29, 2008

Way Past My Bedtime

But I couldn't just leave and not post!!!

As you can see my 'home' has changed.

The lovely Michelle gave me a new blog banner as a RAK she had on her blog, pretty chuffed being that I had just found her blog. Anyway not only did she give me the gorgeous banner you see above but she also 'restyled' my blog into this lovely new home that you now see. I have spent tonight moving the furniture back in, ie fixing up the links etc, and now it feels just like me/mine!! THANK YOU MICHELLE!!! I am so happy with the new look! If anyone finds a link that is broken please let me know and if you visit my blog and would like me to link you please let me know that too. Because of the new digs I thought I would have a RAK, so leave a comment and I will pull a name out of the hat to win some goodies, I will include those that have already found my new look and commented :) So comment away, you have till Wednesday night, my time :)

Megan came home with her diorama today. She made it at school last term and I love it

Today Lucy and I spent the morning visiting my Great Aunt, will be a regular Monday Morning thing, so the rest of the day was filled trying to cram all the housework etc into the afternoon. But I did get the chance to make this page while Dave took Jessica to swimming :)

And Love Scrappin' have extended their 20% off sale for another week, so go grab a bargain!

Ok off to bed so I can warm up my feet... Love you Dave *grin*


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  1. Your new blog looks Great! and I love the banner! The layout is adorable too. Sweet shoes!

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    WOW Sharmaine, I so love your new look ;) your blog was already awesome before but even more so now.

    you go girl :D


  3. just me8:47 AM

    just to let you know I cant see any spannerthingys...

  4. your new blog banner looks does your layout!Whats that paper?I'm liking it :)

  5. I love your new blog make-over! Is awesome! It's really nice and welcoming. I love it. I also want to let you know that my meeting went really well. I didn't do too bad, I was under control! lol. Thanks for the good vibes you sent me through my blog! Take care.

  6. Hi Sharmaine.
    I love your new home (blog). That banner is cool. I LOvE the layout too.

    Tell Megan that her diorama is fantastic. She did a great job.

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Nice new layout. Looks fresh and sparkly.

    fulltime mom

  8. Hi Sharmaine. So glad I found your blog through Michelle's. I was the other lucky winner of the blog banner! Love Michelle!!! Love your blog. Will definitely become a regular visitor!!!!

  9. Glad to see that Captain Underpants is just as popular down under! I think my students have worn out at least three collections. The blog looks fabulous! What an amazing RAK!

  10. I'm so glad that you like your banner Sharmaine - you were such an easy customer to please!

    Love Megans artwork! Those little faces are too cute! :)


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