Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today was proudly brought to you by Orange

Today Elizabeth, Lucy and I made orange juice. One of the most simplest pleasures in life and made simpler by the juicer Dave and I were given as a wedding present all those years ago and hardly ever use! We don't often use the juicer as there aren't often enough oranges in the house to use but today we took the sad looking oranges and made juice and they made wonderful juice too!!

And what is good about juicing oranges is the pulp left behind in the skins, just waiting to be sucked into an awaiting mouth.

Also made something else with the orange theme today, my layout for One Little Word. The new word is change and I had already had plans to use the word when I took this photo of Megan and the blossom on the nectarine tree.

Journaling "This week, at school, you have been doing a 'growing up' class. You have been learning about the way our bodies change and what to expect as you get older. Yes, some of those changes are going to seem yucky but I want you to embrace them and know that it is something amazing. I'm here if you need to talk and I hope we do 'cos I want to be a part of those changes and want to be there as you grow"
And Megan let me take some photos of her this afternoon, loved them and have a few in my 'to print' folder, here are just 2 :)

Mum and Dad arrived home this afternoon and we have already requested their babysitting services, tomorrow night is Dave's end of season soccer dinner. Hoping it doesn't go as long as previous years but know it will, sigh.
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  1. i love the new shoes. how cute!

    your red tulips are beautiful. thanks for sharing with us.

    love your olw layout. the journaling is fabulous. great word for scrapbook inspiration. love your subject.

  2. I LOVE your layout for OLW! Great photo too!


  3. absolutely LOVE your change l/o sharmaine....i can just see your love for your sweet girls & if i can see it all the way over here on the other side of the world, i'm POSITIVE your girls know it...

    you are such an inspiration to me, my dear sweet amazing friend :)



  4. Anonymous11:37 AM

    i love that title.

    your blog makes me happy.

    love xx

  5. Beautiful layout for OLW :)


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